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Thread: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual: Top 11 Overall Wrestlers Posted

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual: 125 Posted

    Top 6 or so for me

    To avoid criticism say nothing, do nothing, be nothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SetonHallPirate View Post
    And the ranking is...?
    Sigh, something to the effect of...

    1. Angel Escobedo (Indiana)
    2. Zach Sanders (Minnesota)
    3. Brandon Precin (Northwestern)
    4. BJ Futrell (Illinois)
    5. Brad Pataky (Penn State)
    6. Iowa guy (Iowa)
    7. Nikko Triggas (Ohio State)
    8. Sean Boyle (Michigan)
    9. Eric Olanowski (Michigan State)
    10. Matt Fields (Purdue)
    11. Drew Hammen (Wisconsin)
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    Nice job so far Jensen, I too agree with the pick of Futrell as most improved. He really should have redshirted last year and gained size, but if he can pack more weight on he'll be really tough.

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    Zeke Rowan: One of quite a few guys here at this weight that I don't know, and as a result of don't really have much to say about. I've read the rumors that Kennedy is moving up next year, so in looking at Illinois' roster I've projected Mr. Rowan as their starter.

    Matt Ortega: Ortega had a decent season last year, certainly didn't set the world on fire but he went out and won some matches. He is another guy though that I don't really have a ton to say about, and he may wind up out of the job should Esco move up.

    Daniel Dennis: Dennis was a guy who came out last year early and beat just about everyone of consequence there was to beat at the weight. Problem for him was that he did wind up peaking a little early. He's a guy that can and usually will beat anyone and everyone if he brings his offense and doesn't just get a good tie up and push the guy around with it.

    Eric Grajales: Second weight in a row where the Wolverines may trot out a true freshman. I don't know if you will quite see the success from Grajales this year that you saw from Kellen Russell two years ago, but Russell won an absolutely ridiculous Big 10 tournament as a true freshman, and Grajales is better than Russell was coming in.

    Michigan State
    Franklin Gomez: Your defending National, and two time defending Big 10 Champion comes in here at 133. I don't think he has any trouble next year in matching the success that he's had the previous two, and that really is a testament to him given that he doesn't have the training partners of a Ness or a Dennis.

    Jayson Ness: Ness came out last year and definitely had his ups and downs during his first year at this weight class. He still pinned most all of the guys that he wrestled that weren't top of the food chain guys, but for a while there he wasn't beating any of the top of the food chain guys. He started to turn it around a little when he knocked off the aforementioned Gomez, and then really showed that he'd settled in at NCAA's when he avenged losses to Kennedy and Hochstrasser by 8-2 and 14-6 (and this match was more dominant than the score showed) scores respectively.

    Eric Metzler: Metzler was a guy who got some experience in the Northwestern line up last year. He like Ortega didn't set the world on fire but the experience that he gained last year is something that he could build on. He's got a solid situation in his room with Precin and Sulzer as well.

    Ohio State
    Ian Paddock: Tom Ryan has shown he has no problems with sticking true freshmen in the line up and unless Tony Jameson decides to make what would probably be a pretty big weight cut Paddock is a guy that very well may wind up in the line up. Paddock is a guy kind of in the same vein of a Precin, that from what I've seen of him he does most everything solid, and then he just wins.

    Penn State
    Bryan Pearsall: Much in the same vein of Zeke Rowan and Illinois, I have no idea who is going to wind up filling this spot for the Nittany Lions. I stuck Pearsall in here without really knowing a ton about him, or whether or not he'll even be their guy.

    Akif Eren: Was looking at Purdue's roster to try and figure out who their 133 was going to be when I saw lo and behold that it looks like its going to be Mr. Eren moving up a weight. I've now put Matt Fields into their 125 spot, and have Eren here. Again, I know Eren the most as he was the guy we dubbed the PBOTW when he had to wrestle Ness and Esco over a 3 day span two years back.

    Tyler Graff: I've got Graff as the leader of the next group after the three returning All Americans. He's a guy that came in last year and a lot of guys thought was ready to go immediately. He gave Ness a pretty solid go at the Kauffman Brand if I recall correctly. Then he's had a solid spring, beating Gomez in freestyle, and finishing second to Jordan Oliver (who I've said before I think is going to be absolutely ridiculous this year) at Junior WTT's.

    Still Up In The Air: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio State, Penn State

    Most Improved: Don't really know if there is a guy here that I would dub a "Most Improved" candidate. Kind of a top heavy weight with Ness, Gomez, and Dennis who are all already really, really good. Maybe Graff or Eric G. here I guess.

    Best Newcomer: Tyler Graff, gets the nod over Eric G. because he's been in school for a year and because he beat Gomez this spring.

    Conference Final: Jayson Ness v. Franklin Gomez

    1. Jayson Ness (Minnesota)
    2. Franklin Gomez (Michigan State)
    3. Daniel Dennis (Iowa)
    4. Tyler Graff (Wisconsin)
    5. Eric Grajales (Michigan)
    6. Ian Paddock (Ohio State)
    7. Eric Metzler (Northwestern)
    8. Matt Ortega (Indiana)
    9. Akif Eren (Purdue)
    10. Bryan Pearsall (Penn State)
    11. Zeke Rowan (Illinois)
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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual: 133 Posted

    FYI, Tony Jameson and Tom Ryan have both said that Jameson has put on weight and will probably be competing for the spot at 157 this year. I don't think he'll win that spot, but we probably won't ever be seeing him at 133. I think he will probably end up providing depth at 157 and 149 this year.

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    I didn't think he'd make it down even if he hadn't, but thats some interesting info.

    Like you I tend to think that Nemec probably winds up with the 157 spot on lock.

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    Jimmy Kennedy: Its obviously still just a rumor that Kennedy winds up going up this coming year, but I figured I'd stick him here now just for laughs. He's a big 133 so it shouldn't be a difficult adjustment for him to move up and it may wind up benefitting him in the long run. He had kind of a lull in the middle/end of the year culminating in his early upset at NCAA's. He came out like a house of fire beating Ness and Hochstrasser early. To his credit even during his lull he beat Ness again and knocked off Dennis twice I believe thereby avenging two earlier losses.

    Danny Monaco: Don't know anything about Mr. Monaco this is simply a rough projection. This could very easily wind up being someone else.

    Dan LeClere: I had Slaton listed in my All American projections a few weeks back, but in reading over on Hawkeye Report it seems that Slaton may be done for this season (grades) and maybe even for his career. In that case we see Mr. LeClere again. Guy had an up and down first half two years ago and then was one of the hottest guys in the country during the second half before his disastrous National Tournament.

    Kellen Russell: Two years, two Big 10 Titles, yet two kind of rough NCAA tournaments for Mr. Russell. To his credit he did manage to snag an AA finish last year after a brutal consolation run. I think he and Grajales are going to wind up doing a lot of good things for one another.

    Michigan State
    Collin Dozier: Dozier had a kind of tough year last year, I do believe. He spent time and out of the line up (again I think) and this may not even wind up being him when the Spartans set their line up up next year. He's a tough kid though, and it'll be interesting to see what another season with Gomez can do for him.

    Mike Thorn: Absolutely night and day last year from when he was a true freshman. I mention this later, but he had a comparable sophomore year to the guy he replaced, Manny Rivera. Rivera came out the next two years and spent the majority of both as a top 5 wrestler. It'll be interesting to see if Thorn can continue to improve and replicate that success. Love watching the guy as he is one of the more outwardly fiery guys on the Gophers.

    Keith Sulzer: I remember watching Sulzer for the first time a few years ago when he utilized his funky style to knock LeClere off in one of his first official matches after he'd been pulled out of redshirt. He's still really good with that funky style and his leg riding, his problem is he still hasn't developed something of his own that he can hit against everyone. Still he'll be a tough guy to beat every time out.

    Ohio State
    Reece Humphrey: Its amazing what getting your weight under control can do for a guy. It may be even more amazing this year when that guy who finally gets his weight under control gets eight more pounds to play with. Humphrey had a banner year last year en route to Big 10 and NCAA runner up finishes to Franklin Gomez. He beat pretty much everyone at the weight except for Gomez including matches at Big 10's where he made both Ness and Dennis just look not good. Crazy with his duck under transitions into upper body stuff.

    Penn State
    Colby Pisani: Pisani did some filling in last year for Penn State both for Jenkins at 149, and I remember at National Duals when Vallimont missed weight. Down at his more natural weight and after another year in a tough room, he's a guy that has the capacity to improve.

    Juan Archuleta: Archuleta was a guy that kind of flew under the radar a little bit last year. He's a tough guy, especially when it comes to holding points down. Very hard to score on. He's probably the guy that I would have considered after Thorn for the "most improved" label.

    Cole Schmitt: I feel like I've heard Schmitt's name around here and there before, but thats pretty much all I've got about him. Much like some of the other guys on this list that I may not know a ton about he's in a good position in his room being sandwiched by Graff and Ruschell, so he definitely is a guy that could improve a lot based on that.

    Not going to do the "could change" anymore. Its kind of dumb...

    Most Improved: Thorn. Call it the Manny Rivera corollary. He had a comparable season last year to Rivera's sophomore year (arguably even better). Not saying he'll come out and run off 30 plus wins to start the year like Rivera did but I like big things out of him.

    Best Newcomer: Don't really have one if you're talking new to their team's line up. If you're talking new to the weight, then Humphrey.

    Conference Final: Reece Humphrey v. Kellen Russell

    1. Reece Humphrey (Ohio State)
    2. Kellen Russell (Michigan)
    3. Jimmy Kennedy (Illinois)
    4. Mike Thorn (Minnesota)
    5. Dan LeClere (Iowa)
    6. Keith Sulzer (Northwestern)
    7. Juan Archuleta (Purdue)
    8. Collin Dozier (Michigan State)
    9. Colby Pisani (Penn State)
    10. Cole Schmitt (Wisconsin)
    11. Danny Monaco (Indiana)

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    Default Re: JensenS Ranks Big 10 Team/Individual: 141 Posted

    Monaco is one of the Glen Hubbard kids who walked on with Ramos .Ramos is gone and Capezio and Monaco remain -Monaco went 13-4 and one a freshman tourney and his losses were at 149-Max Ortega should be the man here .If I were you I would just stick IU at 11th the rest of the way and savbe yourself some time .
    How I wish Mena had stayed and Goldman left .

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    Thorn is outwardly fiery? That's a nice way to say he's a hothead who loses his cool way too often and acts like a jackass. Maybe after a year of experience he will act like the caliber of wrestler that he is, which is very good. I like the way Thorn wrestles with intensity but if you are going to lose it's best not to fight with the opposing wrestler and or coaches.

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