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Thread: Early Summer AA Predictions: 285 Posted

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    Default Re: Early Summer AA Predictions: 125 Posted

    Before I get into 133 I want to say that Reece Humphrey and Jimmy Kennedy won't be listed here. I'm going off the assumption that both of them will be 141 pounders next year.

    1. Jayson Ness
    2. Franklin Gomez
    3. Andrew Hochstrasser
    4. Jordan Oliver
    5. Steve Bell
    6. Daniel Dennis
    7. Lou Ruggirello
    8. Nick Fanthorpe

    Anyone who has been a member of this board long enough should know that I'd be picking Ness here regardless of how he wound up finishing last year. However his finish last year does give me some more encouragement. The 8-2 and 14-6 wins that he had over Kennedy and Hochstrasser (avenging earlier losses) were awesome. Now that he's had a full season to adjust his style primarily from the feet in relation to getting his angles when he shoots his low shots I think he takes the weight.

    This is of course not to diss on the guy that took the weight last year. However Ness and Gomez have wrestled twice in folkstyle during their careers and Ness has won both matches. Gomez is still obviously a huge threat though given that he is the returning champ. Great on the feet both offensively and defensively and then sneaky good on top as a rider and tilter.

    Next is a guy that I'm sure surprised some people last year (save for me who picked him to AA before the season started) Hochstrasser had a fantastic year last year with a lot of big wins. With no Humphrey (who was one of the few guys Hochstrasser didn't beat last year) I think he improves on his placing from last year by one.

    This one may be seen as a reach, but I don't care. I am a Jordan Oliver believer. Kid has had an absolutely ridiculous spring. WALKED through both Juniors and Universities. Absolutely fantastic on his feet and is with a coach that is only going to help him get better there. Only thing that remains to be seen is how good he is on the mat and I think that he's athletic enough to where that shouldn't be much of a problem.

    Bell kind of hung around under the radar a little bit over the course of last year, his biggest win of the year was over Dennis. Came into NCAA's with a #12 seed and wound up pulling off an AA finish to cap off his junior year. I think he comes back and does it again.

    Might be seen as a little low for Daniel Dennis especially given the fact that I don't believe he's ever lost to the two guys that I have projected to be in the finals. It is what it is though, I guess. If Dennis actually goes after attacks and doesn't just push guys around he could very easily win this weight hands down. The tendency that he has though to just push into guys submarines him it did in matches last year against Bell, Grey, and Humphrey specifically.

    Another year of me predicting Ruggirello to get that elusive All American finish. As always, absolutely love the work that he does on top with his double arm bar series, the only question about him is whether or not he can find something he can rely on from the feet to win him matches against the best guys in the country.

    Fanthorpe is an AA from two years ago and for a while was putting points on the board in absolute bunches last year most famously with what I'm sure was a very satisfying demolition of a sucked out Joey Slaton at CHA. Just didn't have it at the end last year at that brutal 133 pound weight. I've got him below Rugg because Rugg pinned him two years ago in what to my knowledge right now is the only time that they've wrestled.

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    Default Re: Early Summer AA Predictions: 133 Posted

    Graff will AA as a Frosh, I don't think it's a reach with you said the kid is a stud!

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    I don't really feel like going back and changing things up but if I could do it again I'd probably go back and stick Graff in instead of Fanthorpe.

    The win over Gomez this spring was an impressive one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stardust View Post
    are we talkin about Krispy Kremes here??
    Nah, KK's and DD's are too commercial. These are bakery fresh that I'll overnight.
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    Default Re: Early Summer AA Predictions: 133 Posted

    Fanthorpe met Ruggirello again in the round of 12 in 2007 and won 5-1.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    I think you hit the nail on the head with dennis. That's kinda the feeling I get with him as well.
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    Funny how Mike Grey has fallen completely off the map.

    I'll be the first to admit that I expected more from him this past season after a great AA frosh year.

    He just never really seemed to get going last year, starting with the brief attempt at 141. He had some good wins - National duals over Fanthorpe and Dennis consecutively come to mind - but followed those wins by being majored by an unranked guy the next dual. And while he competed in some events this summer in freestyle with so-so results, he's a much better folkstyler.

    That said, he still was R12 last year after 6th in 2008. He has had ok results in the past against the guys on this list he has faced: 2-1 vs. Ruggirello, 1-0 Fanthorpe, 1-1 Dennis, 0-1 Gomez.

    So while this is a stacked class and I can't really argue specifically with the guys on the list, I think that Grey will revert back to his old form and be back on the podium again in Omaha.

    Of course, he might move up to 141 ...

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    Default Re: Early Summer AA Predictions: 133 Posted

    I heard -from the same source from last year about coughlin /Kinser -that Angel was really tired of making 125 -I know he was hurt last year but he wrestled a total of 31 matches while placing 5th .
    Angel wrestled 135 in high school -5 years ago -the rumor is he and Ortega will switch weights with Ortega at 25 and Angel at 33 .

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    Quote Originally Posted by ISU2008 View Post
    Fanthorpe met Ruggirello again in the round of 12 in 2007 and won 5-1.
    Yeah, he did didn't he.

    In terms of Mike Grey, I like him a whole lot more up at 141 than I would with another anorexic year down at 33.

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