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Thread: Dan Gable Museum

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    The first time I went I think I spent about an hour going through there, but my time was decently limited.

    I went again when they were still fixing from the flood, that time I just stood in the doorway. When they re-opened for the National Duals I was a little too busy to get there this time.

    Enjoy it though!
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    I'll never forget my one visit to Stillwater--when Dan Hodges and Wayne Wells walked in the door and started talking to me, who they didn't know from Adam. So, yeah, you never know who'll might be there.

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    Amen to the idea of a side trip to Cresco (if you have the time and inclination...)

    ... and to Cornell College. Their library has a ton of stuff on the 1947 NCAA championship team, too. (And the college and town are very pretty.)

    ... and to Mike Chapman and his wife Bev. Both are incredibly knowledgeable, and, genuinely friendly folks.

    While in Waterloo, why not stop by Waterloo West HS on Ridgeway Avenue, a main east-west road. They have some display cases with wrestling stuff in them. It's the alma mater of a number of all-time greats, including one Dan Gable. He lived within spitting distance of the school, on Easley (just off the entrance to the school's parking lot)

    To learn more about these Iowa options, check out my Wrestling Roadtrip story from last summer:


    * While at the museum, I encourage you to watch some of the films, including the 1920 Stecher-Caddock title match from Madison Square Garden. Yeah, it's pro wrestling... but, what you'll see in this black-and-white, silent film resembles college wrestling, not today's WWE. It's real wrestling, without the theatrics or costumes or storylines or face vs heel stuff.

    And... they had an impressive library of wrestling books. Not sure if this stuff survived the flood; if so, a wrestling fan who's a reader and interested in history could easily spend hours in that part of the museum alone.
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    While I don't think the kids on our team will enjoy it as much as I will, I think the museum will have a lasting memory with them. I heard there is also a nice waterpark in Waterloo. Anything else worth visiting there besides the corn factories?
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    What the heck Is a corn factory?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiltz View Post
    What the heck Is a corn factory?
    And why would anyone think of them as worth visiting?
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    There is 26 minutes of the Caddock-Stecher film on youtube for anyone who is interested. Also, it does resemble college wrestling very, very much. However, there is some controversy as to the extent of how "real" it is, as this was around the time that professional wrestling became increasingly staged by managers and promoters to simply increase the entertainment value.

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