Who should use the iTrader system?
Buyers, Sellers, & Traders! If you spend all your time in other forums and are not involved with trading cards at all, there?s no reason for you to be in the iTrader system. People should not be leaving feedback on your account if you do not trade.

I just finished a transaction, what do I do now?
Navigate to the person's profile page, click the "Feedback" Tab. Then click the link ?Submit Feedback for this member? in the Member Profile box. Then simply fill out the form and submit. Easy as that. Your rating now appears in that person?s trade summary for others to view.

I've had transactions with 5 people, but my rating says 4. Why is that?
The iTrader rating keeps track of all the people you have traded, but the rating under your user name shows the number of unique traders. If you have traded with 1 person 5 times, your rating will be a 1. If you trade with 5 different people, then your rating will be a 5.

I sent my items and they arrived safely, can I have the other trader leave me feedback?
This is a matter of personal preference. If the other trader feels comfortable leaving feedback at this point, there?s no problem. I usually wait until both people receive their items before leaving feedback. This has to do with good communication, more on this later.

How do I know if a trade is good or not?
There are two aspects to trading, negotiations and shipping. Negotiation is the process of working out an acceptable deal in terms of product value. Each trader values their items differently, so each person has their own idea of what they consider a good deal. Some people are willing to trade a lot for a singlet that you don?t think is valuable, and vice versa.

Shipping is the process of getting those items to your trading partner, and this is the only time when iTrader comes in to play. The iTrader rating is objective and has nothing to do with item value, which is subjective. In objective terms, the iTrader rating is based on the following:
  1. Communication: Was the trader available for negotiations? Did they keep you updated on the status of the trade?
  2. Promptness: Did the trader send when he said he would?
  3. Condition: Did the trader send the items in the condition agreed upon?

When should the iTrader rating not be used?
Any dealings outside the realm of trading do not belong in the iTrader system. If you think someone is a jerk, you may not use the iTrader system to express that. You may not retaliate against someone who leaves you valid negative feedback. There is a ?Report? function to notify a Staff Member to investigate any claims of invalid feedback. You may not leave feedback in response to someone else leaving feedback. In short, if you have received items from someone or were supposed to receive (after having agreed and exchanged addresses) and didn?t, then you are entitled to leave iTrader feedback for that person.

I got an iTrader rating for no reason, what do I do?
In your Ratings Summary, there is a column of Options for each rating listed. Just click on the red triangle which is ?Report Bad Rating.? Enter your comment as to why you think that rating is unjustified, and the report will be sent to a Staff Member for review. If it is found to be unjustified, the rating will be removed.

I sent my stuff, but they never arrived. What do I do?
Technically, the Post Office is responsible for losing your items. If you sent with insurance and a tracking number (Delivery Confirmation, Signature Confirmation, Certified Mail or Registered Mail), then they will be able to find the package or refund you the value of the cards. If you did not, it?s your fault for not sending your cards with the appropriate protection. Ultimately, it?s your responsibility to make sure your items arrive. I?ve heard many claims of items getting lost in the mail. After having paid bills through the mail for the past 18 years, I?ve never had a case where the Post Office lost my check. Always protect yourself in your trades. If you are responsible enough to negotiate the trade, then you are responsible enough to follow through with the trade.

Always remember that there is risk in trading online. The iTrader system makes the overall trade a bit easier, but it is not perfect. You should never feel like you are being forced or bullied into a trade. If a trade seems too good to be true, it probably is. Always protect yourself as best you can in all your trades. This means send with Delivery Confirmation or some kind of tracking number to ensure that your cards arrive as promised, get insurance for those high-value card trades, protect your cards from damage, ask a reputable and well-established trader to act as a ?middleman? in your trade (escrow).