Match Date: 12/30/2007
Match Results for School: University Of Buffalo
Opponent School: University of Michigan
University Of Buffalo: 6
University of Michigan: 35

125: Watts, Mike (University of Michigan) DEC Bishop, Dan(University Of Buffalo) 5-1

133: Diehl, Christopher (University of Michigan) FALL Wilson, Joe(University Of Buffalo) 4:18

141: Russell, Kellen (University of Michigan) DEC Stella, Andrew(University Of Buffalo) 6-0

149: Churella, Joshua (University of Michigan) MD Gingerich, Dana(University Of Buffalo) 10-2

157: Marsh, Jeff (University of Michigan) DEC Cummings, John(University Of Buffalo) 8-1

165: Tannenbaum, Eric (University of Michigan) FALL Rendos, Scott(University Of Buffalo) 0:51

174: Luke, Steve (University of Michigan) DEC Ragusa, Michael(University Of Buffalo) 4-2

184: Todd, Tyrel (University of Michigan) MD Moran, Mickey(University Of Buffalo) 14-4

197: Biondo, Anthony (University of Michigan) DEC Hamel, James(University Of Buffalo) 4-0

285: Parker, Jeff (University Of Buffalo) MD Guhn, Matthew(University of Michigan) 4:11