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Thread: University Of Buffalo: 19, Appalachian St.: 16

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    Post University Of Buffalo: 19, Appalachian St.: 16

    Match Date: 12/15/2007
    Match Results for School: University Of Buffalo
    Opponent School: Appalachian St.
    University Of Buffalo: 19
    Appalachian St.: 16

    125: Hulsey, Corey (Appalachian St.) FALL Dabolt, Dylan(University Of Buffalo) 4:22

    133: Williams, Terreyl (Appalachian St.) MD Wilson, Joe(University Of Buffalo) 13-4

    141: Stella, Andrew (University Of Buffalo) DEC Cox, Marcus(Appalachian St.) 6-0

    149: Ervin, Scott (Appalachian St.) TB Needle, Ryan(University Of Buffalo) 4-2

    157: Cummings, John (University Of Buffalo) DEC Hutchinson, Edward(Appalachian St.) 4-1

    165: Rendos, Scott (University Of Buffalo) DEC Hutchinson, Tommy(Appalachian St.) 2-0

    174: Ragusa, Michael (University Of Buffalo) TB Martin, Neal(Appalachian St.) 5-4

    184: Trotman, Austin (Appalachian St.) DEC Moran, Mickey(University Of Buffalo) 4-3

    197: Hamel, James (University Of Buffalo) DEC Temple, Dylan(Appalachian St.) 9-3

    285: Parker, Jeff (University Of Buffalo) MD Campbell, Carlton(Appalachian St.) 13-2

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    T Williams stinks up the house when he gets on to the wrestling mat and he gets smoked.

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