Match Date: 12/2/2007
Match Results for School: University Of Oklahoma
Opponent School: Oklahoma State University
University Of Oklahoma: 9
Oklahoma State University: 21

125: Ashmore, Ben (Oklahoma State University) DEC Fio, Joey(University Of Oklahoma) 6-0

133: Scott, Coleman (Oklahoma State University) DEC Shelton, Brian(University Of Oklahoma) 1-0

141: Morgan, Nathan (Oklahoma State University) DEC Bailey, Zach(University Of Oklahoma) 9-4

149: Rowe, William (University Of Oklahoma) DEC Fuentes, Quinten(Oklahoma State University) 10-4

157: McSpadden, Newly (Oklahoma State University) DEC Terry, Chad(University Of Oklahoma) 6-1

165: Dieffenbach, Jacob (Oklahoma State University) DEC Dean, Max(University Of Oklahoma) 3-2

174: Mason, Brandon (Oklahoma State University) DEC James, Jeff(University Of Oklahoma) 5-0

184: Weitzel, Joshua (University Of Oklahoma) DEC Hill, Cody(Oklahoma State University) 3-2

197: Flaggert, Joel (University Of Oklahoma) DEC Foster, Clayton(Oklahoma State University) 12-10

285: Rosholt, Adam (Oklahoma State University) DEC Fernandez, Nathan(University Of Oklahoma) 6-3