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Thread: Penn State University: 28, Hofstra University: 11

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    Post Penn State University: 28, Hofstra University: 11

    Match Date: 11/17/2007
    Match Results for School: Penn State University
    Opponent School: Hofstra University
    Penn State University: 28
    Hofstra University: 11

    125: McKnight, Mark (Penn State University) DEC Tomasette, David(Hofstra University) 3-2

    133: Ruggirello, Lou (Hofstra University) TF5 Eagen, Mike(Penn State University) 4:04

    141: Strayer, Jake (Penn State University) DEC Griffin, Charles(Hofstra University) 6-1

    149: Jenkins, Jesse (Penn State University) DEC Smith, Mitch(Hofstra University) 5-2

    157: Vallimont, Dan (Penn State University) DEC Bonilla-Bowman, Jonny(Hofstra University) 6-3

    165: Patrovich, Ryan (Hofstra University) DEC Rella, Dave(Penn State University) 3-1

    174: Lucas, Alton (Hofstra University) DEC Erwin, Dave(Penn State University) 12-7

    184: Bomberger, Philip (Penn State University) FALL Siciliano, Jeff(Hofstra University) 1:52

    197: Davis, Phil (Penn State University) MD Rovelli, Joseph(Hofstra University) 12-1

    285: Tighe, Stefan (Penn State University) FALL Guerin, James(Hofstra University) 5:19

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    Default Re: Penn State University: 28, Hofstra University: 11

    how does strayer beat griffin 6-1 and then griffin turns around and puts a thumping on coleman like that?

    its going to be a weird season...
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