Dieringer and Marsden: Wrestle Together, Grow TogetherThe World Team Trials will be held June 21-23 in Stillwater, Okla., at Gallagher-Iba Arena.

June 16, 2013
By Kelli Grashel
In just under a week all eyes will be on Oklahoma State as the university hosts the World Team Trials, but for friends and teammates Austin Marsden and Alex Dieringer, it’s just one more stepping stone in their long journey together.
Both in the same recruiting class, registered sophomores Marsden and Dieringer have been training for the junior world team trials, which will be held at the end of the month.
“We have two-a-day practices, lifting three days a week and getting in shape to build up endurance,” Marsden said.
Marsden and Dieringer have competed in both freestyle and folkstyle, but both agreed that they prefer freestyle. Marsden said he especially likes the new rule changes regarding freestyle.
“I wrestled at University’s two weeks ago, and I’m finally getting to feel the new rules and experience them. I really like them compared to the old ones,” Marsden said. “There’s a lot more action, and it’s just better for the sport.”
The new freestyle rules aren’t the only big changes in the wrestling world this year. The IOC will make their decision in September regarding whether or not wrestling will be reinstated as part of the Olympic games.
“I’m not worried about the IOC’s decision,” Dieringer said.” We as wrestlers, that’s what we look for after college. We look forward to the Olympics so we’re not too worried about it.”
Dieringer will have his first freestyle showing at the trials since March. Although Dieringer prefers freestyle, he is just as impressive in the folkstyle realm. This season he finished third in the nation and will go down in history as one of OSU’s outstanding freshmen.


Marsden also has a few titles under his belt, including earning a fourth-place finish just weeks ago at ASICS University Nationals. In August, Marsden placed at 11th at the Junior World Championship in Thailand. Marsden wasn’t alone in Thailand. Dieringer also went to compete with USA’s junior team.“It was a good experience going overseas and getting the feel of that kind of system,” Dieringer said. “It was amazing. We had a good time wrestling there.”
Wrestling abroad and being on the U.S. junior world team together made the daily challenges a lot easier.
“It helped out a lot having a teammate there,” Marsden said. “Just having that one person on the team that you know makes it more comfortable.”
Not only do the two travel together but they have also been neighbors since they were freshmen.
“We’ve been together the whole time. We started in Bennett Hall, and we were literally hanging out every day,” Dieringer said.
Both have learned a lot here at the wrestling program at OSU.
“You have to come into practice with a positive mindset because if you don’t do that, you probably aren’t going to come out of practice with anything accomplished, so you have to go into practice with a positive mindset,” Dieringer said.
For their ultimate goals in wrestling, Dieringer hopes to be a three time NCAA champion and win an Olympic title. Marsden also hopes to be a national champion and bring back an Olympic medal.
From wrestling abroad, training every day for the trials, being neighbors and starting together in the same recruiting class, these two will surely be friends as they chase their dreams from the wrestling room in Gallagher-Iba all the way to the Olympics someday.
“We’re pretty much the only ones left from our class so we stick together to the end,” Dieringer said.*