Match Date: 11/15/2007
Match Results for School: Bloomsburg University
Opponent School: University of Pittsburgh
Bloomsburg University: 16
University of Pittsburgh: 18

125: Sees, Michael (Bloomsburg University) MD Gentzle, Brad(University of Pittsburgh) 14-4
133: Guffey, Jason (Bloomsburg University) DEC Conroy, Jim(University of Pittsburgh) 5-2
141: Headlee, Drew (University of Pittsburgh) DEC Hickman, George(Bloomsburg University) 5-2
149: Ecklof, Joseph (University of Pittsburgh) DEC Kern, Darren(Bloomsburg University) 3-2
157: Moley, Matt (Bloomsburg University) DEC Kocher, Matt(University of Pittsburgh) 2-1
165: Hoffman, Rob (Bloomsburg University) DEC Richmond, Sean(University of Pittsburgh) 8-2
174: Graham, Nathan (Bloomsburg University) FALL Gavin, Keith(University of Pittsburgh) 6:40
184: Sullivan, Dave (University of Pittsburgh) DEC Hasseman, Jesse(Bloomsburg University) 4-1
197: Distefano, Peter (Bloomsburg University) DEC Hunte, Alan(University of Pittsburgh) 7-3
285: Sheaffer, Zach (University of Pittsburgh) SV Spaid, Michael(Bloomsburg University) 2-1