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Thread: University Of Wyoming: 0, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: 47

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    Default University Of Wyoming: 0, University of Nebraska-Lincoln: 47

    Match Date: 11/9/2007
    Match Results for School: University Of Wyoming
    Opponent School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln
    University Of Wyoming: 0
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln: 47

    125: Donahoe, Paul (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) FALL Grant, Cody(University Of Wyoming) 4:34
    133: Baier, Austin (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) DEC Gifford, Brandon(University Of Wyoming) 7-3
    141: Salazar, Curtis (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) For (University Of Wyoming) -
    149: Burroughs, Jordan (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) MD Chipperfield, Cody(University Of Wyoming) 19-7
    157: Oliver, Chris (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) TF5 Sondgeroth, Clay(University Of Wyoming) 17-2
    165: Dwyer, Stephen (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) DEC Coxbill, Eric(University Of Wyoming) 6-3
    174: Browne, Brandon (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) TF5 Morrow, Kyle(University Of Wyoming) 20-3
    184: Johnson, Andy (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) FALL Reece, Colt(University Of Wyoming) 2:06
    197: Brester, Craig (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) For (University Of Wyoming) -
    285: May, Jon (University of Nebraska-Lincoln) DEC Still, Jason(University Of Wyoming) 7-3

    Results provided by Intermat/NWCA
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