March 15, 2013
11 different student-athletes from five sports share stories with Corvallis kids as part of Read Across America
CORVALLIS, Ore. – Almost a dozen Oregon State student-athletes put their reading skills to test as they read aloud to elementary school students in Corvallis earlier this month, as part of ‘Read Across America.’
The event took place at Sunrise Elementary School and was organized by former OSU gymnast and current fourth grade teacher Danae (Phillips) Stanfield.
Five rowers, (Alexia Ortiz, Hillary Polis, Jennifer Lund, Nadine Poje, and Robert Toumbs), two wrestlers (Anthony Harris and Cody Weishoff), as well as two swimmers (Sammy Harrison and Erica Nelson), joined track and field’s Lauren Graebner *and women’s soccer’s Julia Sattler who each took turns reading books on a variety of subjects to the young Beaver fans.
“When I was an OSU athlete I really enjoyed meeting young students so it’s nice to make a connection between my students and these athletes,” Stanfield said. “This is a neat opportunity to share athletics and academics.”
Ortiz, a zoology major read a book to students about bugs and then shared her own experiences with insects and animals. Harris read ‘Cooking with the Cat’ to second graders because wrestlers love to eat once the season ends.
“The children are so engaged. I’m impressed with what great people are here,” said Sunrise principal Lori Greenfield about the event. “They are really positive role models and it’s good for them to discuss the idea that college is something our students can relate to.”


Track and field’s Lauren Graebner brought her own book to share with fourth graders, ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go’ by Dr. Seuss, which was a fitting choice, coinciding with the author’s recent birthday.This is the third straight year that Stanfield has organized an OSU reading event at her school. The former gymnast competed in Corvallis from 1996-99 and was Pac-10 champion on the uneven bars, her senior year.
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