March 19, 2011

PHILADELPHIA - Entering the final session at the NCAA Wrestling Championships, Oklahoma State is fourth with 66.5 team points. Penn State has mathematically clinched the national title. Cowboy 149-pounder Jamal Parks was the only OSU competitor in Saturday morning's session, losing his wrestleback match to No. 6 Jason Chamberlain, 3-1, then bouncing back to storm to a 6-2 win over No. 11 Andrew Nadhir of Northwestern in the fifth-place bout.

Cowboys Jordan Oliver and Clayton Foster will both compete in the finals later tonight.

Parks capped a strong run at the tournament with his convincing win over Nadhir in the fifth-place bout. Parks bagged two takedowns in the first period, then added an escape and riding time to put Nadhir away.

"Yes, I got All-American, but it's not what I wanted because I wanted to be a national champion," Parks said. "It's a little bittersweet for me, but it is good to get the monkey off my back. I guess being a national champion will have to wait."

For Parks, this year's All-America honor was the first of his career and he credited personal life changes and increased passion for the sport for his ascent into All-America status. He noted another change in his training that is still yet to come.

"The past couple years, I haven't even seen a mat during the summer, but this summer I'm going to wrestle freestyle and get back into the groove of wrestling year-round," Parks said.

Parks' match with Chamberlain featured very little action. The first period went by scoreless before the two wrestlers traded escapes to start the second and third periods, respectively. Parks got to Chamberlain's leg late in the third, but time ran out on his takedown bid. Chamberlain got to Parks' ankle in the sudden victory period then dragged him to the center of the mat and tripped him down to claim victory.



After winning his first two bouts over Minnesota's Dan Zilverberg and Illinois' Eric Terrazas, Parks advanced to the championship quarterfinals before being bumped out by No. 4 Kyle Dake of Cornell. Once in the wrestleback, Parks beat UNC Greensboro's Ivan Lopouchansky in sudden victory to earn All-America status. A 3-1 over Virginia's Derek Valenti set up the Parks-Chamberlain bout.Team Standings
1. Penn State - 103.5 points
2. Cornell - 89.5 points
3. Iowa - 86.5 points
4. Oklahoma State - 66.5 points
5. American - 65 points
6. Minnesota - 61 points
7. Boise State - 57.5 points
T8. Lehigh - 54.5 points
T8. Wisconsin - 54.5 points
10. Arizona State - 52.5 points

Saturday Oklahoma State Schedule
NCAA Title Bouts (Saturday Evening)
133: No. 1 Jordan Oliver (OSU) vs. No. 2 Andrew Hochstrasser (Boise State)
197: No. 2 Clayton Foster (OSU) vs. No. 4 Dustin Kilgore (Kent State)

Oklahoma State Results at the NCAA Championships
Championship First Round
125: Mark Rappo (Penn) dec. No. 9 Jon Morrison (OSU); 8-4
133: No. 1 Jordan Oliver (OSU) fall Tyler Small (Kent State); 2:56
141: No. 7 Tyler Nauman (Pittsburgh) dec. Josh Kindig (OSU); 7-3
149: No. 5 Jamal Parks (OSU) dec. Dan Zilverberg (Minnesota); 6-3
157: No. 3 David Taylor (Penn State) MD Neil Erisman (OSU); 13-2
165: Paul Gillespie (Hofstra) dec. No. 6 Dallas Bailey (OSU); 4-2 SV
174: No. 12 Mike Benefiel (OSU) MD Brandon Wright (Chattanooga); 8-0
184: No. 7 Chris Perry (OSU) dec. Tony Dallago (Illinois); 11-5
197: No. 2 Clayton Foster (OSU) MD Luke Macciarolli (Arizona State); 11-1
285: David Marone (Virginia Tech) dec. Blake Rosholt (OSU); 2-1 TB

Championship Second Round
133: No. 1 Jordan Oliver (OSU) fall Levi Mele (Northwestern); 2:11
149: No. 5 Jamal Parks (OSU) dec. Eric Terrazas (Illinois); 3-1
174: No. 5 Chris Henrich (Virginia) dec. No. 12 Mike Benefiel (OSU) 6-5
184: No. 7 Chris Perry (OSU) dec. No. 10 Josh Ihnen (Nebraska); 5-2
197: No. 2 Clayton Foster (OSU) MD Joe Kennedy (Lehigh); 10-1

Championship Quarterfinals
133: No. 1 Jordan Oliver (OSU) MD No. 8 Mike Grey (Cornell); 10-2
149: No. 4 Kyle Dake (Cornell) dec. No. 5 Jamal Parks (OSU); 3-0
184: No. 2 Robert Hamlin (Lehigh) dec. No. 7 Chris Perry (OSU); 4-2
197: No. 2 Clayton Foster (OSU) dec. No. 7 Zac Thomusseit (Pittsburgh); 8-2

Championship Semifinals
133: No. 1 Jordan Oliver (OSU) dec. No. 4 Tyler Graff (Wisconsin); 5-2
197: No. 2 Clayton Foster (OSU) dec. No. 3 Trevor Brandvold (Wisconsin); 4-2

Wrestleback First Round
125: Allen Bartelli (Boise State) dec. No. 9 Jon Morrison (OSU); 5-3 SV2
141: Josh Kindig (OSU) dec. Trevor Melde (Rutgers); 8-2
157: Neil Erisman (OSU) MD Matt Kaylor (Binghamton); 14-1
165: No. 11 Aaron Janssen (Iowa) dec. No. 6 Dallas Bailey (OSU); 10-6
285: Blake Rosholt (OSU) dec. Parker Burns (Campbellsville); 2-1

Wrestleback Second Round
141: Josh Kindig (OSU) won by medical forfeit over Chris Diaz (Virginia Tech)
157: Neil Erisman (OSU) dec. No. 9 James Fleming (Clarion); 8-3
174: Mike Benefiel (OSU) dec. Patrick Martinez (Wyoming); 9-4
285: Brendan Barlow (Kent State) dec. Blake Rosholt (OSU); 2-1

Wrestleback Third Round
141: No. 12 Zach Kemmerer (Penn) dec. Josh Kindig (OSU); 4-3
157: Neil Erisman (OSU) dec. Frank Hickman (Bloomsburg); 4-1
174: Mike Benefiel (OSU) dec. Jacob Swartz (Boise State); 7-2

Wrestleback Fourth Round
149: No. 5 Jamal Parks (OSU) dec. Ivan Lopouchanski (UNC Greensboro); 8-6 SV
157: No. 7 Bryce Saddoris (Navy) dec. Neil Erisman (OSU); 5-2
174: No. 6 Ben Bennett (Central Michigan) dec. Mike Benefiel (OSU); 8-5
184: No. 8 Kevin Steinhaus (Minnesota) dec. No. 6 Chris Perry (OSU); 7-1

Wrestleback Fifth Round
149: No. 5 Jamal Parks (OSU) dec. Derek Valenti (Virginia); 3-1

Wrestleback Sixth Round
149: No. 6 Jason Chamberlain (Boise State) dec. No. 5 Jamal Parks (OSU); 3-1 SV

Fifth-Place Match
149: No. 5 Jamal Parks (OSU) dec. No. 11 Andrew Nadhir (Northwestern); 6-2