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Adidas has released all the 2013-2014 wrestling shoes for the upcoming season which includes the Combat Speed 4 shoe. We have had the opportunity to get our hands on them and we will be collecting opinions and reviews. If you want to take a look at all the new 2014 wrestling products, head to Matfish wrestling gear and give the shop a look.
By far the most popular feature of the Adidas Combat Speed 4 wrestling shoe is the amazing fit and it’s lightweight nature. The Combat Speed 4 weighs in at just 195 grams, one of the lightest wrestling shoes you will ever find. Combined with the tremendous grip from the out-sole, and any wrestler wearing them will feel like they can fly around the mat.*Breathable mesh ensures comfort.
Due to the lightweight focus of the shoe, the trade-off is the durability isn’t quite up there with some of the heavier choices. That said, the shoe is constructed with synthetic suede leather and has added lightweight support with the Adidas stripes on the side.
Color choices for the Combat Speed 4 are mostly standard, with black/white/black, black/blue/white, and black/red/white. However there is one truly eye catching color combination and that is the Emerald Yellow Pink Combat Speed 4 shoe.
Durability - B-

Extreme lightweight nature results in a slight durability trade-off.
Weight - A+

Has to come in at an A+, simply because it’s one of the lightest wrestling shoes yet at just 195 grams. The Combat Speed 4 shoes will take your speed and agility to a new level
Color Options - B+

Solid choices with black/white/black, black/blue/white, and black/red/white. They also go out of the box a little bit with the flashy Emerald/Yellow/Pink wrestling shoe.
Availability - B

Expect this shoe to be off the shelves as the calendar turns to the 2014 wrestling season, particularly the unique Emerald/Yellow/Pink color combo.
Price - A-

One of the best value wrestling shoes of the 2013-2014 season.