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One of the best pre-season high school wrestling tournaments is back; the Super 32 Challenge.
When:* October 26 / October 27, 2013
Where:**Greensboro Coliseum

  • Greensboro North Carolina

What:* National Pre-Season High School Wrestling Tournament

  • 50+ College Coaches in Attendance Last Year

  • Largest and Most Competitive Pre-Season HS Wrestling Tournament in the Country

The Greensboro Coliseum hosted the Super 32 Challenge tournament once more. The best high school wrestlers from all around the country come to do battle, hoping to come out on top and be primed for the upcoming wrestling season.
2013 Super 32 High School Wrestling Champions

2012 Super 32 Wrestling Resources: Battle for the Belt

  • Brackets*- High School Division* (132-285) ** (Free)