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High School Elite – 101 Pounds
1st place: Tony Madrigal – OPRF
2nd place: Jordan Aquino – Vacaville Wrestling Club
3rd place: Bryce Brimhall – Utah United
4th place: Marcelino Madriz – Unaffiliated
5th place: Joey Dorsey – Rim of the World
1st place match: Tony Madrigal (OPRF) won by major decision (12-0) over Jordan Aquino (Vacaville Wrestling Club)
High School Elite – 108 Pounds
1st place: Justin Mejia – Clovis Wrestling
2nd place: Isaac Blackburn – Del Oro Wrestling
3rd place: Jason Renteria – OPRF
4th place: Lucas Hall – Lowell
5th place: JJ Figueroa – Drillers
1st place match: Justin Mejia (Clovis Wrestling) won by decision (1-0) over Isaac Blackburn (Del Oro)
High School Elite – 115 Pounds
1st place: Daton Fix – Team BIG
2nd place: Adrian Campasano – Team G
3rd place: Jacob Schwarm – Bettendorf Bulldog WC
4th place: Alex Felix – Gilroy Hawks
5th place: Quentin Hovis – Sentinels Wrestling Club
1st place match: Daton Fix (Team BIG) won by major decision (9-1) over Adrian Campasano (Team G)
High School Elite – 122 Pounds
1st place: Anthony Hernandez – Wrestling Prep
2nd place: Bailey Jack – Lowell
3rd place: Sean Cannon – Team GV
4th place: Durbin Lloren – The Empire
5th place: Cameron Sykora – MN Elite
1st place match: Anthony Hernandez (Wrestling Prep) won by decision (7-3) over Bailey Jack (Lowell)
High School Elite – 128 Pounds
1st place: Israel Saavedra – Motown
2nd place: Jonathan Parada – San Fernando Tigers
3rd place: Mason Pengilly – Claws
4th place: Richard Rico Montoya – Team New Mexico
5th place: William Koll – NYWAY
1st place match: Israel Saavedra (Motown) won by decision (2-0) over Jonathan Parada (San Fernando Tigers)
High School Elite – 133 Pounds
1st place: Zac Hall – Michigan
2nd place: Emelio Saavedra – Motown
3rd place: Michael Cook – Kuna
4th place: Luis Nunez – Arizona Grapplers
5th place: Ryan Ford – Team Dehart Elite
1st place match: Zac Hall (Michigan) won in sudden death victory (SV-1 3-1) over Emelio Saavedra (Motown)
High School Elite – 138 Pounds
1st place: Tristan Rifanburg – Nyway
2nd place: Jacob Macalolooy – Dragon’s Den
3rd place: Joseph Dominguez – Team Tribe Wrestling Club
4th place: Abel Contreras – Klaws
5th place: Justin Thomas – Team So Cal
1st place match: Tristan Rifanburg (Nyway) won by decision (6-0) over Jacob Macalolooy (Dragon’s Den)
High School Elite – 143 Pounds
1st place: Isaiah White – OPRF
2nd place: Seth GrossMN Elite
3rd place: Ralphy Tovar – Poway
4th place: Cole Weaver – Michigan
5th place: Uzo Owuama – Bruins Elite WC
1st place match: Isaiah White (OPRF) won by decision (3-2) over Seth Gross (MN Elite)
High School Elite – 148 Pounds
1st place: Tyler Berger – Crook County
2nd place: Matthew Rundell – OPRF
3rd place: Alex Garcia – Morgan Hill Rhinos
4th place: Chris Garcia – Golden Boys
5th place: Blake Monty – Sunkist Kids
1st place match: Tyler Berger (Crook County) won by decision (5-0) over Matthew Rundell (OPRF)
High School Elite – 155 Pounds
1st place: Nolan Kistler – Kistler Dungeon
2nd place: Tyler Zimmer – Golden Boyz
3rd place: Joey Gunther – OPRF
4th place: Paul FoxGilroy Hawks
5th place: Kennen Lanteri – Matpac
1st place match: Nolan Kistler (Kistler Dungeon) won in sudden death victory (SV-1 2-0) over Tyler Zimmer (Golden Boyz)
High School Elite – 163 Pounds
1st place: John Jay Chavez – Suples Wrestling Club
2nd place: Aaron Negrette – Team Thunder
3rd place: Seth McLeod – Post Falls
4th place: Weston Dobler – West Fargo
5th place: Jordan Pagano – Bergen Catholic High School
1st place match: John Jay Chavez (Suples Wrestling Club) won by decision (3-0) over Aaron Negrette (Team Thunder)
High School Elite – 174 Pounds
1st place: Anthony Valencia – Team Tribe Wrestling Club SJB
2nd place: Mark HallMN Elite
3rd place: Kimball Bastian – Champions Wrestling
4th place: Davonte Mahomes – OPRF
5th place: Chandler Rogers – Cowboy Wrestling Club
1st place match: Anthony Valencia (Team Tribe Wrestling Club SJB) won in sudden death victory (SV-1 3-1) over Mark Hall (MN Elite)
High School Elite – 192 Pounds
1st place: Corey Griego – Team S
2nd place: Ian Baker – LCC
3rd place: Johnny Beltran – Servite
4th place: Peter An – The Empire
5th place: Will Sumner – SJS All Stars
1st place match: Corey Griego (Team S) won by decision (4-1) over Ian Baker (LCC)
High School Elite – 218 Pounds
1st place: Sullivan Cauley – Reno High School
2nd place: Tristan Ezell – Unaffiliated
3rd place: Joshua Bailey – Elite Force
4th place: Mike Kiel – Sunkist Kids Wrestling Academy
5th place: Daniel Pena – Birmingham
1st place match: Sullivan Cauley (Reno High School) won by decision (7-4) over Tristan Ezell (Unaffiliated)
High School Elite – 288 Pounds
1st place: Connor Calkins – NYWAY
2nd place: Justin Gillham – Team S
3rd place: Omid Zeighami – Rancho Bernando Colts
4th place: Richard Ponce – Team Jackrabbits
5th place: John Arellano – Rebel Wrestling
1st place match: Connor Calkins (Nyway) won by decision (5-2) over Justin Gillham (Team S)