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100 Pounds
1st Place – Kirk Johansen of Illinois
2nd Place – Francis Edelen of Illinois
3rd Place – Cameron Hunsaker of Utah
4th Place – Dalton Roberts of Michigan
5th Place – Alric Furseth of Wisconsin
6th Place – Zac McCauley of Ohio
7th Place – Sodan Ka of Minnesota
8th Place – Clayton Stillwagon of Montana
Finals: Kirk Johansen (Illinois) over Francis Edelen (Illinois) TF 14-4
Third: Cameron Hunsaker (Utah) over Dalton Roberts (Michigan) Fall 4:20
Fifth: Alric Furseth (Wisconsin) over Zac McCauley (Ohio) TF 11-0
Seventh: Sodan Ka (Minnesota) over Clayton Stillwagon (Montana) TF 10-0
106 Pounds
1st Place – Hunter Marko of Wisconsin
2nd Place – Joe Cisneros of California
3rd Place – Luke Karam of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Sean Nickell of California
5th Place – Tanner Rohweder of Iowa
6th Place – Kade Evans of Utah
7th Place – Nick Lukanich of Illinois
8th Place – Carlos Fuentez Jr. of Illinois
Finals: Hunter Marko (Wisconsin) over Joe Cisneros (California) Dec 6-4
Third: Luke Karam (Pennsylvania) over Sean Nickell (California) TF 16-6
Fifth: Tanner Rohweder (Iowa) over Kade Evans (Utah) Fall 1:14
Seventh: Nick Lukanich (Illinois) over Carlos Fuentez Jr. (Illinois) TF 10-0
113 Pounds
1st Place – Elijah Oliver of Tennessee
2nd Place – Brian Rossi of Illinois
3rd Place – Michael Cullen of Illinois
4th Place – Matt Gamble of California
5th Place – Brent Fleetwood of Delaware
6th Place – Isaac Jimenez of Texas
7th Place – Armando Torres of Ohio
8th Place – Camden Bertucci of Michigan
Finals: Elijah Oliver (Tennessee) over Brian Rossi (Illinois) TF 12-2
Third: Michael Cullen (Illinois) over Matt Gamble (California) TF 10-0
Fifth: Brent Fleetwood (Delaware) over Isaac Jimenez (Texas) Dec 8-0
Seventh: Armando Torres (Ohio) over Camden Bertucci (Michigan) ID
120 Pounds
1st Place – Nathan Tomasello of Ohio
2nd Place – Kaid Brock of Oklahoma
3rd Place – Kyle Akins of Illinois
4th Place – Tommy Pawelski of Illinois
5th Place – Ronnie Bresser III of Oregon
6th Place – Eli Hale of Oklahoma
7th Place – Joshua Terao of Hawaii
8th Place – Steve Polakowski of Illinois
Finals: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio) over Kaid Brock (Oklahoma) TF 14-4
Third: Kyle Akins (Illinois) over Tommy Pawelski (Illinois) Dec 5-4
Fifth: Ronnie Bresser III (Oregon) over Eli Hale (Oklahoma) Dec 6-3
Seventh: Joshua Terao (Hawaii) over Steve Polakowski (Illinois) TF 11-0
126 Pounds
1st Place – Jered Cortez of Illinois
2nd Place – PT Garcia of Colorado
3rd Place – Bryce Meredith of Wyoming
4th Place – Leighton Gaul of Iowa
5th Place – Charles Tucker of New Jersey
6th Place – Jordan Shearer of North Dakota
7th Place – Brandon James of Indiana
8th Place – Sean Fausz of Kentucky
Finals: Jered Cortez (Illinois) over PT Garcia (Colorado) Dec 4-0
Third: Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) over Leighton Gaul (Iowa) Dec 5-3
Fifth: Charles Tucker (New Jersey) over Jordan Shearer (North Dakota) ID
Seventh: Brandon James (Indiana) over Sean Fausz (Kentucky) ID
132 Pounds
1st Place – Seth Gross of Minnesota
2nd Place – Kyle Gliva of Minnesota
3rd Place – Gary Harding of Oklahoma
4th Place – Fredy Stroker of Iowa
5th Place – Zac Hall of Michigan
6th Place – Jacob Rubio of Texas
7th Place – Mike Kemerer of Pennsylvania
8th Place – George Fisher of Illinois
Finals: Seth Gross (Minnesota) over Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) Dec 8-5
Third: Gary Harding (Oklahoma) over Fredy Stroker (Iowa) Dec 8-7
Fifth: Zac Hall (Michigan) over Jacob Rubio (Texas) Dec 5-4
Seventh: Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over George Fisher (Illinois) Dec 12-3
138 Pounds
1st Place – Aaron Pico of California
2nd Place – Joseph McKenna of New Jersey
3rd Place – Joe Smith of Oklahoma
4th Place – Ron Gentile of New Jersey
5th Place – Ali Naser of California
6th Place – Jonce Blaylock of Oklahoma
7th Place – Vincenzo Joseph of Pennsylvania
8th Place – Tyler Smith of Pennsylvania
Finals: Aaron Pico (California) over Joseph McKenna (New Jersey) TF 10-0
Third: Joe Smith (Oklahoma) over Ron Gentile (New Jersey) TF 11-0
Fifth: Ali Naser (California) over Jonce Blaylock (Oklahoma) TF 11-0
Seventh: Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:27
145 Pounds
1st Place – Anthony Collica of Ohio
2nd Place – Blayne Briceno of California
3rd Place – Daniel Lewis of Missouri
4th Place – Nosomy Pozo of Florida
5th Place – Grant Leeth of Missouri
6th Place – Kenny Martin of Nebraska
7th Place – Mitch Bengtson of Minnesota
8th Place – Parker Bohannan of Oklahoma
Finals: Anthony Collica (Ohio) over Blayne Briceno (California) Fall 2:21
Third: Daniel Lewis (Missouri) over Nosomy Pozo (Florida) TF 11-0
Fifth: Grant Leeth (Missouri) over Kenny Martin (Nebraska) ID
Seventh: Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Parker Bohannan (Oklahoma) TF 11-0
152 Pounds
1st Place – Ryan Blees of North Dakota
2nd Place – Jake Short of Minnesota
3rd Place – Zach Kelly of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Anthony Valencia of California
5th Place – Brandon Sorenson of Iowa
6th Place – Vincent Corsaro of Indiana
7th Place – Brian Murphy of Illinois
8th Place – Darick Lapaglia of Missouri
Finals: Ryan Blees (North Dakota) over Jake Short (Minnesota) Dec 12-9
Third: Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Anthony Valencia (California) TF 13-2
Fifth: Brandon Sorenson (Iowa) over Vincent Corsaro (Indiana) TF 10-0
Seventh: Brian Murphy (Illinois) over Darick Lapaglia (Missouri) TF 11-0
160 Pounds
1st Place – Markus Scheidel of Ohio
2nd Place – Davonte Mahomes of Illinois
3rd Place – Christian Stackhouse of New Jersey
4th Place – Logan Marcicki of Michigan
5th Place – Kimball Bastian of Utah
6th Place – Chris Weiler of Pennsylvania
7th Place – Seth Monty of Arizona
8th Place – Seth Liegel of Wisconsin
Finals: Markus Scheidel (Ohio) over Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) Dec 7-6
Third: Christian Stackhouse (New Jersey) over Logan Marcicki (Michigan) TF 12-0
Fifth: Kimball Bastian (Utah) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
Seventh: Seth Monty (Arizona) over Seth Liegel (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
170 Pounds
1st Place – Bo Nickal of Texas
2nd Place – Tyler Askey of Georgia
3rd Place – Jacob Morrissey of Wisconsin
4th Place – Kyle Bateman of Oregon
5th Place – Zach Beard of Oklahoma
6th Place – Lance Dixon of Oklahoma
7th Place – Andrew Garcia of Michigan
8th Place – Bryce Martin of California
Finals: Bo Nickal (Texas) over Tyler Askey (Georgia) TF 10-0
Third: Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) over Kyle Bateman (Oregon) TF 14-4
Fifth: Zach Beard (Oklahoma) over Lance Dixon (Oklahoma) TF 10-0
Seventh: Andrew Garcia (Michigan) over Bryce Martin (California) TF 16-6
182 Pounds
1st Place – Michael Pixley of Missouri
2nd Place – Riley Lefever of Indiana
3rd Place – Preston Lehmann of North Dakota
4th Place – Dylan Wisman of Virginia
5th Place – Jesse Stephanos of Florida
6th Place – Dylan Blackford of Iowa
7th Place – Domenic Abounader of Ohio
8th Place – John Filipek of Missouri
Finals: Michael Pixley (Missouri) over Riley Lefever (Indiana) TF 11-0
Third: Preston Lehmann (North Dakota) over Dylan Wisman (Virginia) Fall 1:53
Fifth: Jesse Stephanos (Florida) over Dylan Blackford (Iowa) TF 18-8
Seventh: Domenic Abounader (Ohio) over John Filipek (Missouri) ID
195 Pounds
1st Place – Mitch Sliga of Indiana
2nd Place – Joel Dixon of Oklahoma
3rd Place – Derek White of Oklahoma
4th Place – Payne Hayden of Michigan
5th Place – Jared Haught of West Virginia
6th Place – Marcus Harrington of Iowa
7th Place – Joseph McClure of Georgia
8th Place – Josh Murphy of Ohio
Finals: Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Joel Dixon (Oklahoma) TF 10-0
Third: Derek White (Oklahoma) over Payne Hayden (Michigan) Dec 13-8
Fifth: Jared Haught (West Virginia) over Marcus Harrington (Iowa) TF 15-3
Seventh: Joseph McClure (Georgia) over Josh Murphy (Ohio) Fall 1:45
220 Pounds
1st Place – Roy Nash of Utah
2nd Place – Angus Cowell of Connecticut
3rd Place – Fletcher Miller of Indiana
4th Place – Kacee Hutchinson of North Carolina
5th Place – Edgar Ruano of Illinois
6th Place – Derrick Maisonet of Illinois
7th Place – Parker Knapp of Ohio
8th Place – Lance Evans of Iowa
Finals: Roy Nash (Utah) over Angus Cowell (Connecticut) TF 11-0
Third: Fletcher Miller (Indiana) over Kacee Hutchinson (North Carolina) TF 15-4
Fifth: Edgar Ruano (Illinois) over Derrick Maisonet (Illinois) Dec 7-5
Seventh: Parker Knapp (Ohio) over Lance Evans (Iowa) Fall 5:24
285 Pounds
1st Place – Adam Coon of Michigan
2nd Place – Nathan Butler of Kansas
3rd Place – Newton Smerchek of Wisconsin
4th Place – Wes Bernard of Indiana
5th Place – Jesse Webb of Alabama
6th Place – Jake Scanlan of Iowa
7th Place – Jacob Semple of Missouri
8th Place – Michael Hobbs of Illinois
Finals: Adam Coon (Michigan) over Nathan Butler (Kansas) TF 10-0
Third: Newton Smerchek (Wisconsin) over Wes Bernard (Indiana) Fall 0:26
Fifth: Jesse Webb (Alabama) over Jake Scanlan (Iowa) Dec 5-1
Seventh: Jacob Semple (Missouri) over Michael Hobbs (Illinois) Dec 9-4

Junior Freestyle Final’s Match-ups
100: Francis Edelen (Illinois) vs. Kirk Johansen (Illinois)
106: Joe Cisneros (California) vs. Hunter Marko (Wisconsin)
113: Brian Rossi (Illinois) vs. Elijah Oliver (Tennessee)
120: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio) vs. Kaid Brock (Oklahoma)
126: P.T. Garcia (Colorado) vs. Jered Cortez (Illinois)
132: Seth Gross (Minnesota) vs. Kyle Gliva (Minnesota)
138: Joey McKenna (New Jersey) vs. Aaron Pico (California)
145: Anthony Collica (Ohio) vs. Blayne Briceno (California)
152: Jake Short (Minnesota) vs. Ryan Blees (North Dakota)
160: Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) vs. Markus Scheidel (Ohio)
170: Tyler Askey (Georgia) vs. Bo Nickal
182: Riley Lefever (Indiana) vs. Michael Pixley (Missouri)
195: Mitch Sliga (Indiana) vs. Joel Dixon (Oklahoma)
220: Angus Cowell (Connecticut) vs. Roy Nash (Utah)
285: Nathan Butler (Kansas) vs. Adam Coon (Michigan)