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    Default 2013 Fargo Nationals: USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle Results

    For 2013 Fargo Nationals: USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle Results and many other topics visit

    The 2013 Fargo Nationals did not disappoint, with talented stars going head to head and many upsets as well. 2013 Junior Freestyle Results are posted below.
    Outstanding Wrestler:*Aaron Pico, California 138 pounds
    Gorriaran Award:*Jacob Semple, Missouri, 285 pounds – 4 Falls (1:12)
    2013 Fargo Nationals USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle Results

    100 Pounds
    1st Place – Kirk Johansen of Illinois
    2nd Place – Francis Edelen of Illinois
    3rd Place – Cameron Hunsaker of Utah
    4th Place – Dalton Roberts of Michigan
    5th Place – Alric Furseth of Wisconsin
    6th Place – Zac McCauley of Ohio
    7th Place – Sodan Ka of Minnesota
    8th Place – Clayton Stillwagon of Montana
    Finals: Kirk Johansen (Illinois) over Francis Edelen (Illinois) TF 14-4
    Third: Cameron Hunsaker (Utah) over Dalton Roberts (Michigan) Fall 4:20
    Fifth: Alric Furseth (Wisconsin) over Zac McCauley (Ohio) TF 11-0
    Seventh: Sodan Ka (Minnesota) over Clayton Stillwagon (Montana) TF 10-0
    106 Pounds
    1st Place – Hunter Marko of Wisconsin
    2nd Place – Joe Cisneros of California
    3rd Place – Luke Karam of Pennsylvania
    4th Place – Sean Nickell of California
    5th Place – Tanner Rohweder of Iowa
    6th Place – Kade Evans of Utah
    7th Place – Nick Lukanich of Illinois
    8th Place – Carlos Fuentez Jr. of Illinois
    Finals: Hunter Marko (Wisconsin) over Joe Cisneros (California) Dec 6-4
    Third: Luke Karam (Pennsylvania) over Sean Nickell (California) TF 16-6
    Fifth: Tanner Rohweder (Iowa) over Kade Evans (Utah) Fall 1:14
    Seventh: Nick Lukanich (Illinois) over Carlos Fuentez Jr. (Illinois) TF 10-0
    113 Pounds
    1st Place – Elijah Oliver of Tennessee
    2nd Place – Brian Rossi of Illinois
    3rd Place – Michael Cullen of Illinois
    4th Place – Matt Gamble of California
    5th Place – Brent Fleetwood of Delaware
    6th Place – Isaac Jimenez of Texas
    7th Place – Armando Torres of Ohio
    8th Place – Camden Bertucci of Michigan
    Finals: Elijah Oliver (Tennessee) over Brian Rossi (Illinois) TF 12-2
    Third: Michael Cullen (Illinois) over Matt Gamble (California) TF 10-0
    Fifth: Brent Fleetwood (Delaware) over Isaac Jimenez (Texas) Dec 8-0
    Seventh: Armando Torres (Ohio) over Camden Bertucci (Michigan) ID
    120 Pounds
    1st Place – Nathan Tomasello of Ohio
    2nd Place – Kaid Brock of Oklahoma
    3rd Place – Kyle Akins of Illinois
    4th Place – Tommy Pawelski of Illinois
    5th Place – Ronnie Bresser III of Oregon
    6th Place – Eli Hale of Oklahoma
    7th Place – Joshua Terao of Hawaii
    8th Place – Steve Polakowski of Illinois
    Finals: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio) over Kaid Brock (Oklahoma) TF 14-4
    Third: Kyle Akins (Illinois) over Tommy Pawelski (Illinois) Dec 5-4
    Fifth: Ronnie Bresser III (Oregon) over Eli Hale (Oklahoma) Dec 6-3
    Seventh: Joshua Terao (Hawaii) over Steve Polakowski (Illinois) TF 11-0
    126 Pounds
    1st Place – Jered Cortez of Illinois
    2nd Place – PT Garcia of Colorado
    3rd Place – Bryce Meredith of Wyoming
    4th Place – Leighton Gaul of Iowa
    5th Place – Charles Tucker of New Jersey
    6th Place – Jordan Shearer of North Dakota
    7th Place – Brandon James of Indiana
    8th Place – Sean Fausz of Kentucky
    Finals: Jered Cortez (Illinois) over PT Garcia (Colorado) Dec 4-0
    Third: Bryce Meredith (Wyoming) over Leighton Gaul (Iowa) Dec 5-3
    Fifth: Charles Tucker (New Jersey) over Jordan Shearer (North Dakota) ID
    Seventh: Brandon James (Indiana) over Sean Fausz (Kentucky) ID
    132 Pounds
    1st Place – Seth Gross of Minnesota
    2nd Place – Kyle Gliva of Minnesota
    3rd Place – Gary Harding of Oklahoma
    4th Place – Fredy Stroker of Iowa
    5th Place – Zac Hall of Michigan
    6th Place – Jacob Rubio of Texas
    7th Place – Mike Kemerer of Pennsylvania
    8th Place – George Fisher of Illinois
    Finals: Seth Gross (Minnesota) over Kyle Gliva (Minnesota) Dec 8-5
    Third: Gary Harding (Oklahoma) over Fredy Stroker (Iowa) Dec 8-7
    Fifth: Zac Hall (Michigan) over Jacob Rubio (Texas) Dec 5-4
    Seventh: Mike Kemerer (Pennsylvania) over George Fisher (Illinois) Dec 12-3
    138 Pounds
    1st Place – Aaron Pico of California
    2nd Place – Joseph McKenna of New Jersey
    3rd Place – Joe Smith of Oklahoma
    4th Place – Ron Gentile of New Jersey
    5th Place – Ali Naser of California
    6th Place – Jonce Blaylock of Oklahoma
    7th Place – Vincenzo Joseph of Pennsylvania
    8th Place – Tyler Smith of Pennsylvania
    Finals: Aaron Pico (California) over Joseph McKenna (New Jersey) TF 10-0
    Third: Joe Smith (Oklahoma) over Ron Gentile (New Jersey) TF 11-0
    Fifth: Ali Naser (California) over Jonce Blaylock (Oklahoma) TF 11-0
    Seventh: Vincenzo Joseph (Pennsylvania) over Tyler Smith (Pennsylvania) Fall 3:27
    145 Pounds
    1st Place – Anthony Collica of Ohio
    2nd Place – Blayne Briceno of California
    3rd Place – Daniel Lewis of Missouri
    4th Place – Nosomy Pozo of Florida
    5th Place – Grant Leeth of Missouri
    6th Place – Kenny Martin of Nebraska
    7th Place – Mitch Bengtson of Minnesota
    8th Place – Parker Bohannan of Oklahoma
    Finals: Anthony Collica (Ohio) over Blayne Briceno (California) Fall 2:21
    Third: Daniel Lewis (Missouri) over Nosomy Pozo (Florida) TF 11-0
    Fifth: Grant Leeth (Missouri) over Kenny Martin (Nebraska) ID
    Seventh: Mitch Bengtson (Minnesota) over Parker Bohannan (Oklahoma) TF 11-0
    152 Pounds
    1st Place – Ryan Blees of North Dakota
    2nd Place – Jake Short of Minnesota
    3rd Place – Zach Kelly of Pennsylvania
    4th Place – Anthony Valencia of California
    5th Place – Brandon Sorenson of Iowa
    6th Place – Vincent Corsaro of Indiana
    7th Place – Brian Murphy of Illinois
    8th Place – Darick Lapaglia of Missouri
    Finals: Ryan Blees (North Dakota) over Jake Short (Minnesota) Dec 12-9
    Third: Zach Kelly (Pennsylvania) over Anthony Valencia (California) TF 13-2
    Fifth: Brandon Sorenson (Iowa) over Vincent Corsaro (Indiana) TF 10-0
    Seventh: Brian Murphy (Illinois) over Darick Lapaglia (Missouri) TF 11-0
    160 Pounds
    1st Place – Markus Scheidel of Ohio
    2nd Place – Davonte Mahomes of Illinois
    3rd Place – Christian Stackhouse of New Jersey
    4th Place – Logan Marcicki of Michigan
    5th Place – Kimball Bastian of Utah
    6th Place – Chris Weiler of Pennsylvania
    7th Place – Seth Monty of Arizona
    8th Place – Seth Liegel of Wisconsin
    Finals: Markus Scheidel (Ohio) over Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) Dec 7-6
    Third: Christian Stackhouse (New Jersey) over Logan Marcicki (Michigan) TF 12-0
    Fifth: Kimball Bastian (Utah) over Chris Weiler (Pennsylvania) TF 10-0
    Seventh: Seth Monty (Arizona) over Seth Liegel (Wisconsin) TF 10-0
    170 Pounds
    1st Place – Bo Nickal of Texas
    2nd Place – Tyler Askey of Georgia
    3rd Place – Jacob Morrissey of Wisconsin
    4th Place – Kyle Bateman of Oregon
    5th Place – Zach Beard of Oklahoma
    6th Place – Lance Dixon of Oklahoma
    7th Place – Andrew Garcia of Michigan
    8th Place – Bryce Martin of California
    Finals: Bo Nickal (Texas) over Tyler Askey (Georgia) TF 10-0
    Third: Jacob Morrissey (Wisconsin) over Kyle Bateman (Oregon) TF 14-4
    Fifth: Zach Beard (Oklahoma) over Lance Dixon (Oklahoma) TF 10-0
    Seventh: Andrew Garcia (Michigan) over Bryce Martin (California) TF 16-6
    182 Pounds
    1st Place – Michael Pixley of Missouri
    2nd Place – Riley Lefever of Indiana
    3rd Place – Preston Lehmann of North Dakota
    4th Place – Dylan Wisman of Virginia
    5th Place – Jesse Stephanos of Florida
    6th Place – Dylan Blackford of Iowa
    7th Place – Domenic Abounader of Ohio
    8th Place – John Filipek of Missouri
    Finals: Michael Pixley (Missouri) over Riley Lefever (Indiana) TF 11-0
    Third: Preston Lehmann (North Dakota) over Dylan Wisman (Virginia) Fall 1:53
    Fifth: Jesse Stephanos (Florida) over Dylan Blackford (Iowa) TF 18-8
    Seventh: Domenic Abounader (Ohio) over John Filipek (Missouri) ID
    195 Pounds
    1st Place – Mitch Sliga of Indiana
    2nd Place – Joel Dixon of Oklahoma
    3rd Place – Derek White of Oklahoma
    4th Place – Payne Hayden of Michigan
    5th Place – Jared Haught of West Virginia
    6th Place – Marcus Harrington of Iowa
    7th Place – Joseph McClure of Georgia
    8th Place – Josh Murphy of Ohio
    Finals: Mitch Sliga (Indiana) over Joel Dixon (Oklahoma) TF 10-0
    Third: Derek White (Oklahoma) over Payne Hayden (Michigan) Dec 13-8
    Fifth: Jared Haught (West Virginia) over Marcus Harrington (Iowa) TF 15-3
    Seventh: Joseph McClure (Georgia) over Josh Murphy (Ohio) Fall 1:45
    220 Pounds
    1st Place – Roy Nash of Utah
    2nd Place – Angus Cowell of Connecticut
    3rd Place – Fletcher Miller of Indiana
    4th Place – Kacee Hutchinson of North Carolina
    5th Place – Edgar Ruano of Illinois
    6th Place – Derrick Maisonet of Illinois
    7th Place – Parker Knapp of Ohio
    8th Place – Lance Evans of Iowa
    Finals: Roy Nash (Utah) over Angus Cowell (Connecticut) TF 11-0
    Third: Fletcher Miller (Indiana) over Kacee Hutchinson (North Carolina) TF 15-4
    Fifth: Edgar Ruano (Illinois) over Derrick Maisonet (Illinois) Dec 7-5
    Seventh: Parker Knapp (Ohio) over Lance Evans (Iowa) Fall 5:24
    285 Pounds
    1st Place – Adam Coon of Michigan
    2nd Place – Nathan Butler of Kansas
    3rd Place – Newton Smerchek of Wisconsin
    4th Place – Wes Bernard of Indiana
    5th Place – Jesse Webb of Alabama
    6th Place – Jake Scanlan of Iowa
    7th Place – Jacob Semple of Missouri
    8th Place – Michael Hobbs of Illinois
    Finals: Adam Coon (Michigan) over Nathan Butler (Kansas) TF 10-0
    Third: Newton Smerchek (Wisconsin) over Wes Bernard (Indiana) Fall 0:26
    Fifth: Jesse Webb (Alabama) over Jake Scanlan (Iowa) Dec 5-1
    Seventh: Jacob Semple (Missouri) over Michael Hobbs (Illinois) Dec 9-4

    Junior Freestyle Final’s Match-ups
    100: Francis Edelen (Illinois) vs. Kirk Johansen (Illinois)
    106: Joe Cisneros (California) vs. Hunter Marko (Wisconsin)
    113: Brian Rossi (Illinois) vs. Elijah Oliver (Tennessee)
    120: Nathan Tomasello (Ohio) vs. Kaid Brock (Oklahoma)
    126: P.T. Garcia (Colorado) vs. Jered Cortez (Illinois)
    132: Seth Gross (Minnesota) vs. Kyle Gliva (Minnesota)
    138: Joey McKenna (New Jersey) vs. Aaron Pico (California)
    145: Anthony Collica (Ohio) vs. Blayne Briceno (California)
    152: Jake Short (Minnesota) vs. Ryan Blees (North Dakota)
    160: Davonte Mahomes (Illinois) vs. Markus Scheidel (Ohio)
    170: Tyler Askey (Georgia) vs. Bo Nickal
    182: Riley Lefever (Indiana) vs. Michael Pixley (Missouri)
    195: Mitch Sliga (Indiana) vs. Joel Dixon (Oklahoma)
    220: Angus Cowell (Connecticut) vs. Roy Nash (Utah)
    285: Nathan Butler (Kansas) vs. Adam Coon (Michigan)

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    Default Re: 2013 Fargo Nationals: USA Wrestling Junior Freestyle Results

    Tons of beatdowns in the finals, wow.

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