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2013 FloNationals Final Results

High School Wrestling Nationals

It was a crazy finish as the 2013 FloNationals are wrapped up (at the High School level). Lots of talent that rose to the Finals from all over the nation did battle in one of the top postseason wrestling tournaments. If you did not get to catch some of the action, here are the final results.
106 pounds:
1st Place – Luke Pletcher of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Spencer Lee of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Gage Curry of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Eric Hong of Pennsylvania
5th Place – Tyrone Klump of Pennsylvania
6th Place – Shae Bloom of Pennsylvania
7th Place – Ethan McCoy of Pennsylvania
8th Place – Dj Loren of California
113 pounds:
1st Place – Nathan Boston of Kentucky
2nd Place – Nick Piccininni of New York
3rd Place – Israel Saavedra of California
4th Place – Jake Gromacki of Pennsylvania
5th Place – Markus Simmons of Oklahoma
6th Place – George Phillippi of Pennsylvania
7th Place – Kyle Akins of Illinois
8th Place – Justin Patrick of Pennsylvania
120 pounds:
1st Place – Sam Krivus of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Darian Cruz of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Jared Prince of Florida
4th Place – Mason Pengilly of California
5th Place – Zach Valley of Pennsylvania
6th Place – Kent Lane of Pennsylvania
7th Place – Jamel Morris of Florida
8th Place – Travis Passaro of New York
126 pounds:
1st Place – Nate Limmex of Michigan
2nd Place – Drew Walker of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Mike Magaldo of New Jersey
4th Place – Zeke Moisey of Pennsylvania
5th Place – Emelio Saavedra of California
6th Place – Joey Velliquette of Missouri
7th Place – Cody Burcher of Ohio
8th Place – Jamal Morris of Florida
132 pounds:
1st Place – Tyler Berger of Oregon
2nd Place – Jason Nolf of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Justin Oliver of Michigan
4th Place – Nick Kelley of New York
5th Place – Paul Fox of California
6th Place – Jesse Rodgers of Pennsylvania
7th Place – Colton Orrino of Washington
8th Place – Zac Carson of Ohio
138 pounds:
1st Place – Tyson Dippery of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Cole Landowski of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Brock Zacherl of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Nikko Villarreal of California
5th Place – Martin Sandoval of California
6th Place – Alec Pantaleo of Michigan
7th Place – Tyler Zimmer of California
8th Place – Jake Hodges of Georgia
145 pounds:
1st Place – Christian Pagdilao of California
2nd Place – Jack Clark of New Jersey
3rd Place – Josh Shields of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Kevin Cooper of Kentucky
5th Place – Grant Leeth of Missouri
6th Place – Fox Baldwin of Florida
7th Place – Devin Skatzka of Michigan
8th Place – Justin Lampe of Kentucky
152 pounds:
1st Place – JaVaughn Perkins of Nebraska
2nd Place – Cody Law of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – John Jay Chavez of Idaho
4th Place – Ryan Preisch of Pennsylvania
5th Place – Vinny Corsaro of Indiana
6th Place – Chad Pyke of Georgia
7th Place – Joe Mastro of New York
8th Place – Jordan Atienza of Michigan
160 pounds:
1st Place – Jonathan Schleifer of New Jersey
2nd Place – Myles Martin of New Jersey
3rd Place – Tyler Grimaldi of New York
4th Place – Dakota Juarez of Michigan
5th Place – Forfeit Forfeit of Unattached
6th Place – Austin Matthews of Pennsylvania
6th Place – Colin Holler of Illinois
7th Place – Seth McLeod of Idaho
8th Place – Zaach Lowen of Idaho
170 pounds:
1st Place – Peter Renda of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Ethan Ramos of New Jersey
3rd Place – Zack Zavatsky of Pennsylvania
4th Place – Christian Dietrich of New York
5th Place – Travis Linton of Ohio
6th Place – Tom Sleigh of Pennsylvania
7th Place – Nick Elmer of New Jersey
8th Place – Teddy Warren of Michigan
182 pounds:
1st Place – Johnny Sebastian of New Jersey
2nd Place – Chip Ness of Georgia
3rd Place – Michael Macchiavello of North Carolina
4th Place – Matthew Williams of California
5th Place – Jake McKiernan of Michigan
6th Place – Jhalen Flanders of Florida
7th Place – Dakota Johnson of Idaho
8th Place – Liam Korbul of New Jersey
195 pounds:
1st Place – Jacob Hart of Pennsylvania
2nd Place – Jeramy Sweany of California
3rd Place – Tim McDonald of Idaho
4th Place – Kyle Conel of Ohio
5th Place – Lj Barlow of Pennsylvania
6th Place – Evan Ramos of New Jersey
7th Place – Nezar Haddad of Pennsylvania
8th Place – Bailey Faust of Ohio
220 pounds:
1st Place – Derrick Jones Iii of California
2nd Place – Jordan Wood of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Sean Medley of California
4th Place – Dane Pestano of Hawaii
5th Place – Jordon Brandon of Michigan
6th Place – Evan Rosborough of Ohio
7th Place – Jordan Sepeda of California
8th Place – Franklyn Lantigua of Florida
285 pounds:
1st Place – Nick Nevills of California
2nd Place – Evan Daley of Pennsylvania
3rd Place – Wesley Bernard of Indiana
4th Place – Luke Fleck of Pennsylvania
5th Place – Andrew Welton of Pennsylvania
6th Place – Billy Miller of Ohio
7th Place – Forrest Christmann of Pennsylvania
8th Place – Ryan Prescott of Michigan
Congratulations go out to all the wrestlers and everyone who helped organize this event. FloNationals 2013 was special to watch.
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