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Adidas came through with some of the best 2013 wrestling shoes, and as an overall value the Adidas Response 3 III wrestling shoe might be at the top of the list.
The new 3D mesh design with sweat-wicking materials makes for a comfortable shoe that can breathe during a long match. The benefit of the ClimaCool Ventilation system cannot be understated. A shoe needs to be able to perform too. The Response 3 has an internal molded midsole wedge and combined with the radial curve ensures your feet have the leverage and traction on the wrestling mats. Truly a revolutionary shoe and we look forward to what is in store for Adidas 2014 wrestling shoes.
Durability - A-

Same durability as previous Adidas Response shoes but now with a lightweight, breathable mesh design.
Weight - A-

3D mesh design contributes to a lightweight yet reliable shoe.
Color Options - B+

5 stylish color combinations for the Adidas Response 3 line, and they compliment each other well.
Availability - B

Many color combinations of the Adidas Response 3 line sold out early, but more shipments are in for 2013 as they continue to sell well.
Price - A

$86 is a tremendous deal for these state of the art shoes. Many wrestling shoes are well over $100 but the Adidas Response 3 brand provides many of the same high-end features that result in a durable and comfortable wrestling shoe.