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Thread: 2012-2013 Asics Cael V5.0 Wrestling Shoes review

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    Default 2012-2013 Asics Cael V5.0 Wrestling Shoes review

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    With the 2012-2013 high school wrestling season coming to a close, reviews are in for various lines of wrestling shoes. Asics Cael V5.0 wrestling shoes have been one of the most versatile shoes on the market; lightweight, breathable, durable and affordable. In turn they have sold very well and are still on sale at Matfish wrestling shoes.

    Many of Asics’ competitors (and their own lines) went forth in building a new age wrestling shoe, one that is light-weight but still strong enough to endure 50 matches a year. With Asics Cael V5.0, the shoe weighs a full ounce less than the Asics Cael V4.0 wrestling shoe from the previous year. The outsole is improved to to maximize traction and grip. The air mesh quarter-panel allows the foot to breathe during the match and also last longer.

    Durability - B+
    Built to be more light-weight than it’s predecessors, but will still last a season or more if only used for wrestling.

    Weight - A

    Light-weight construction allows for maximized mobility.

    Color Options - B-

    Asics Cael V5.0 features a lot of repeat colors but there are four blends to choose; Black/Silver, Blue/Silver/Titanium, White/Navy/Silver, and Black/Red. Also available in youth sizes.

    Availability - B

    This shoe has sold well but many were produced, unlike Asics’ Limited Edition Split Second IX 9 wrestling shoe.

    Price - A

    Very nice value comparatively to other wrestling shoes. One of the most cost-efficient wrestling shoes around with many of the same high-end features.

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