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Thread: 2012 InterMat JJ Classic Wrestling Tournament – Results & Brackets

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    Default 2012 InterMat JJ Classic Wrestling Tournament – Results & Brackets

    For 2012 InterMat JJ Classic Wrestling Tournament – Results & Brackets and many other topics visit

    When:* Sunday, October 28, 2012
    Where:* Rochester, MN

    A wrestling tournament for a good cause, The InterMat JJ Classic was created in honor of Justin “JJ” Kukowski, an avid athlete and sports fan who passed away from brain cancer in 2007. The proceeds from the event will go toward cancer research.

    Some big name wrestlers from the upper-midwest will be wrestling in this preseason folkstyle tournament that begins Sunday morning in Rochester, MN.

    JJ Classic Resources:

    ** For Brackets, Results & LIVE VIDEO, CLICK HERE!!!
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