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Wyoming Seminary extended their run at PAISWT winning their 6th Consecutive team title. *They crowned 7 Champions, 4 runner-ups and went perfect with all 14 wrestlers qualifying for National Preps (top 6 qualify). *This was their largest margin of victory of the 6, with Germantown Academy coming in second for the 5th year in a row. *GA crowned 3 Champions, 3 runner-ups and a total of 12 qualifiers.

Dom Malone wrapped up his 4th Title, easily winning the Ron Nelson award for most team points in a 4 year span along with winning the Outstanding Wrestler award.

Team Scores
1 **328.50 **Wyoming Seminary
2 **254.00 **Germantown Academy
3 **142.00 **Kiski School
4 **140.50 **Malvern Prep
5 **127.00 **Westtown School
6 **115.00 **Haverford School
7 ***90.50 **Hill School
8 ***80.50 **Episcopal Academy
9 ***50.00 **Chesnut Hill Academy
10 ***48.00 **Mercersburg Academy
11 ***40.00 **Germantown Friends School
12 ***38.00 **Academy of the New Church
13 ***36.00 **Valley Forge Military Academy
14 ***35.00 **West-Mont Christian Academy
15 ***30.00 **George School
16 ***25.00 **William Penn Charter School
17 ***24.00 **Friends Central School
18 ***20.00 **Abington Friends School
19 ****7.00 **Solebury School
20 ****3.00 **Lake Forest

106 **Danny Boychuck, *Wyoming Seminary M-Dec Barrett Connor, *Germantown Academy, 11-2
113 **Brady Reilly, *Germantown Academy Dec Logan May, *Wyoming Seminary, 5-4
120 **Austin Marsico, *Kiski School Dec Evan Botwin, *Wyoming Seminary, 4-3
126 **Dom Malone, *Wyoming Seminary T-Fall Luke Brooman, *Episcopal Academy
132 **Tyler Fraley, *Wyoming Seminary Dec Zachary Kelly, *Kiski School, 8-2
138 **Chris Yankowich, *Germantown Academy Dec Ty White, *Wyoming Seminary, 3-1OT
145 **BJ Crozier, *Germantown Academy Dec Jack Walsh, *Wyoming Seminary, 3-0
152 **Greg Bacci, *Malvern Prep Dec Colin Saunders, *Hill School, 2-1OT
160 **Conner Burns, *Malvern Prep Dec Ryan McMullan, *Wyoming Seminary, 7-2
170 **Eric Morris, *Wyoming Seminary Dflt Ron Tassoni, *Haverford School
182 **Conor Wasson, *Wyoming Seminary Dec LJ Barlow, *Haverford School, 3-1OT
195 **Keith Corliss, *Germantown Academy Dec Colin Farawell, *Hill School, 5-0
220 **Aj Vizcarrondo, *Wyoming Seminary Dec Nick Grossi, *Germantown Academy, 11-5
285 **Michael Johnson, *Wyoming Seminary Dec Chuck Boddy, *Germantown Academy, 1-0

3rd Place
106 **Jordan Wang, *Chesnut Hill Academy Dec Jack Gola, *Haverford School, 6-2
113 **Louis Stefanik, *Kiski School Dec Austin Mortimer, *West-Mont Christian Academy, 7-5
120 **Kristian Kergides, *Germantown Academy Fall Zach Coffey, *West-Mont Christian Academy, 4:50
126 **Bryant Myers, *Kiski School Fall Chad Saunders, *Hill School, 0:34
132 **Jared Gober, *Germantown Academy Fall Sam Flagler, *Westtown School, 2:38
138 **Evan Rutenbar, *Westtown School Dec Remi Yang, *Haverford School, 5-2
145 **Killian Fister, *Valley Forge Military Academy Fall Ari Yamaguchi, *Westtown School, 1:31
152 **Cohl Fulk, *Wyoming Seminary Fall John Grossi, *Germantown Academy, 3:31
160 **Emmanuel Markantone, *Kiski School Dec Zach Rego, *Haverford School, 12-8
170 **Anthony Feliziani, *Episcopal Academy Dec Ryder Harkins, *Malvern Prep, 4-3
182 **Jake Anderson, *Malvern Prep Fall Marcus Anthony, *Germantown Academy, 1:48
195 **Alfredo Gianniccari, *Malvern Prep Fall Matt Doggett, *Wyoming Seminary, 1:32
220 **John San_Filippo, *Mercersburg Academy Dec Harry Mauk, *Malvern Prep, 2-1
285 **Viktor Pedchenko, *Academy of the New Church Fall Allan Beattie, *Kiski School, 0:51

5th Place
106 **Julio del_Peon, *Episcopal Academy Dflt Schafer Hudson_Ortyn, *Westtown School
113 **Jared Marshall, *Westtown School Dec Vini Nobrega, *Mercersburg Academy, 11-4
120 **Aidan Greer, *George School Dec Jackson Bistrong, *Chesnut Hill Academy, 5-2
126 **Dymond *Wright, *Malvern Prep Frft Killian Connor, *Germantown Academy
132 **Jack Ringe, *Friends Central School M-Dec AJ Cutrufello, *Episcopal Academy, 13-5
138 **Erik Moessner, *Valley Forge Military Academy Dec Schuyler Williams, *Academy of the New Church, 14-12
145 **Tommy Lodge-Yanez, *George School Frft George Kunkel, *Chesnut Hill Academy
152 **Eric Berger, *William Penn Charter School Fall Dean Feinman, *Haverford School, 0:32
160 **Ethan Tankel, *Westtown School Frft Nick Flanigan, *Hill School
170 **Clay McKee, *Westtown School Fall Wade Hoag, *Kiski School, 0:05
182 **Desmond Johnson, *Chesnut Hill Academy Dec Seth Eckrich, *Westtown School, 6-3
195 **Zach Cope, *Westtown School Fall Cody Russell, *Episcopal Academy, 3:44
220 **Jack Melgard, *Hill School Dec Chris DiBello, *Haverford School, 6-2
285 **Khari Goosby, *Germantown Friends School Fall Gevairus Flagg, *Mercersburg Academy, 1:29

7th Place
106 **Cameron Vakili, *George School Fall Olivia LoGiurato, *Friends Central School, 0:42
113 **Ben Grobman, *Haverford School Fall Zaid Walter, *George School, 3:16
120 **Luke Neal, *Westtown School Fall Ben Quan, *Haverford School, 4:32
126 **Ely Manstein, *Abington Friends School M-Dec Ben Kahn, *Friends Central School, 13-5
132 **Mike Reagan, *Malvern Prep Dec ALAN ASRIANTS, *Abington Friends School, 5-3
138 **Brooks Lucier, *Mercersburg Academy Dec Matt Reed, *Germantown Friends School, 7-2
145 **Vince Bellwoar, *Haverford School Dec Luke Furukawa, *Germantown Friends School, 7-4
152 **Will Cauffman, *Westtown School Fall Shimpei Kurokawa, *Germantown Friends School, 3:57
160 **Steve Miller, *William Penn Charter School Dec Jake Marshall, *Germantown Academy, 5-0
170 **Jamal Sample, *Friends Central School Dec CD David, *Germantown Academy, 8-6
182 **Christian Blair, *Academy of the New Church Dec Marco Testaiuti, *Episcopal Academy, 10-3
195 **Chris Karamanos, *Lake Forest Dec Ben Rubin, *Chesnut Hill Academy, 6-5
220 **Jacob Lowe, *Episcopal Academy Frft Josh Weinstein, *Solebury School
285 **Fred Santarelli, *Hill School Fall Peter Ciesielski, *Malvern Prep, 1:10

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