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Discuss 2012 Wrestling Tournaments – Results & Brackets: February 14th – February 19th at the Breaking HS News within the Wrestling Talk Forums; For 2012 Wrestling Tournaments – Results & Brackets: February 14th – February 19th and many ...
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    Default 2012 Wrestling Tournaments – Results & Brackets: February 14th – February 19th

    For 2012 Wrestling Tournaments – Results & Brackets: February 14th – February 19th and many other topics visit

    This week HS Wrestling will be tracking a variety of events from around the nation.* Below you will find all of the coverage areas HSWrestling.Net will be providing access to throughout the weekend.* Depending upon the level of access we have to the event you may be able to watch live video, track results, or even interact with fans during the event!* For information on the event, scroll to the bottom of the tournament list.

    Wrestling Tournaments & Events

    February 15th, 2012

    • XLIII Howard County Championships**** —–**** Columbia, MD

    February 17th, 2012

    • 2012 RI Division II Championships**** ——***** Smithfield, RI
    • California Nationals**** ——***** Downey, CA
    • Kansas 4A Regional – Fort Scott**** ——***** Fort Scott, KS
    • MD Independent Schools State Tournament**** ——***** Owings Mills, MD
    • Walsh Sectionals**** ——***** Cuyahoga Falls, OH
    • 2012 Blossom Valley Athletic League JV**** ——***** San Jose, CA
    • 2012 JV TCALS**** ——***** Salinas, CA
    • 2012 SCCAL**** ——***** Santa Cruz , CA
    • Cumberland Youth Tournament**** ——***** Cumberland, WI

    February 18th, 2012

    • Butte Cyclops Wrestling Tournament**** ——***** Butte, MT
    • 2012 Blossom Valley Athletic League**** ——***** San Jose, CA
    • 2012 Cajun Open**** ——***** Lafayette, LA
    • 2012 MSHSL Section 1 Team Tournament**** ——***** Rochester, MN
    • D1 Sect. A – Eau Claire North**** ——***** Eau Claire, WI
    • D1 Sect. B – Pulaski**** ——***** Wisconsin
    • D1 Sect. C – Waunakee**** ——***** Wisconsin
    • D1 Sect. D – Kaukauna**** ——***** Wisconsin
    • D1 Sect. E – Sun Prairie**** ——***** Sun Prairie, WI
    • D1 Sect. F – Waukesha West**** ——***** Wisconsin
    • D1 Sect. G – Arrowhead**** ——***** Wisconsin
    • D1 Sect. H – Racine Horlick**** ——***** Racine, WI
    • D2 Sect. A – Osceola**** ——***** Osceola, WI
    • D2 Sect. B – Waupaca**** ——***** Wisconsin
    • D2 Sect. C – Richland Center**** ——***** Wisconsin
    • D2 Sect. D – Campbellsport**** ——***** Campbellsport, WI
    • D3 Sect. A – Independence**** ——***** Wisconsin
    • D3 Sect. B – Auburndale**** ——***** Auburndale, WI
    • D3 Sect. C – Mineral Point**** ——***** Mineral Point, WI
    • D3 Sect. D – Cedar Grove-Belgium**** ——***** Wisconsin
    • Holmen Youth Classic**** ——***** Holmen, WI
    • Kiyon Koroma Memorial Tournament**** ——***** Winfield, KS
    • Marysville Kids Wrestling Tournament**** ——***** Marysville, KS
    • NAIA Central Regional Qualifier**** ——***** Des Moines, IA
    • Northern Wrestling Association**** ——***** Plymouth, WI
    • Ottawa Mat Masters Open**** ——***** Ottawa, KS
    • Race City Rumble**** ——***** Mooresville, NC
    • San Diego Section Division I**** ——***** Poway, CA
    • West Qualifying Group Tournament**** ——***** ASHLAND, OR

    February 19th, 2012

    • Black Knight Winter Classic**** ——***** Lawrenceville, GA
    • Eagle Beginners II**** ——***** commerce, GA
    • East Jackson All Girls Tournament**** ——***** Commerce, GA
    • Indy Nationals**** ——***** Indianapolis, IN
    • Kansas 6 & U State Champ**** ——***** Ottawa, KS
    • Middletown Wrestling Tournament**** ——***** Middletown, RI
    • Milton Monster Mash**** ——***** Milton, WI
    • MSWA `Future Champions` Championships**** ——***** Towson, MD
    • Northern Colorado Grapplers Open**** ——***** Windsor, CO
    • Northview Titan Beginners**** ——***** Johns Creek, GA
    • NWCA/Cliff Keen Nat`l Duals – Mat Mayhem**** ——***** Stillwater, OK
    • Random Lake Youth Wrestling Tournament**** ——***** Random Lake, WI
    • Rocket Blast**** ——***** Tolono, IL
    • SDIKWA Open**** ——***** San Diego, CA
    • Slinger Red Rhino Open**** ——***** Slinger, WI
    • Spring Valley Elmwood Youth Tournament**** ——***** Spring Valley, WI
    • Stateline Border Bash Tournament 2012**** ——***** Wilmot, WI
    • Stevens Point TOP CAT Youth Tournament**** ——***** Stevens Point, WI
    • Whitewater Youth Wrestling Tournament**** ——***** Whitewater, WI
    • Wolfpack Open**** ——***** Lexington, KY

    * For Brackets, Information & Results – Go to and find your event.
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