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    Default Illinois Wins Freestyle Cadet Duals, Results

    For Illinois Wins Freestyle Cadet Duals, Results and many other topics visit

    Three days ago, Illinois was reclaiming its position atop the wrestling world in Cadet Greco with a national championship in the Greco-Roman portion of the Cadet National Duals in Daytona Beach, Fla.

    On Saturday, Team Illinois? freestyle team did the same, winning its second championship in the last three years and first since 2009 with a 43-24 championship final triumph over New Jersey.

    Illinois was led by Jabari Moody, Jake O?Mara, Davonte Mahomes, Richard Robertson and Nathan Magiera. All finished the tournament unbeaten.

    Jabari Moody started things off quickly at 84 pounds, picking up a 1-0, 7-0 victory over New Jersey?s Brandon Paetzell. Moody finished 7-0 in freestyle to go along with his 8-0 mark in Greco-Roman.

    Miguel Silva finished the tournament 8-2 with a 4-0, 1-0 victory over New Jersey?s Dan Boychuck at 91 pounds.

    Austin Ryan kept the early momentum going Illinois way by picking up a fall over Jordan Kutler. Ryan lost the first period 7-0 and was down big in the second period, but countered Kutler to his back to get the fall at 1:06. Instead of New Jersey picking up its first win, the team found itself in an 11-0 hole.

    Illinois made it four in a row with Austin Strzelczyk picking up a 2-1, 2-1 victory over Joey Ghione at 105 pounds.

    New Jersey?s Joey McKenna gave the Garden State its first victory, picking up a 6-0, 5-0 victory over Sebastian Pique at 112 pounds. McKenna finished the freestyle portion of the tournament 10-0 while he went 9-0 in Greco. It was Pique?s first loss of the tournament.

    Illinois made it five of the first six as Nick Gil?s three-point chestlock in the second period was enough to give him a 4-1, 5-4 victory at 119 pounds.

    One of New Jersey?s top guns, Anthony Ashnault picked up a victory at 125 pounds, topping Darius Henry 1-1, 1-0. Ashnault finished 8-1 in freestyle and brought the team score within ten at 18-8 heading into 130.

    At 130, Jake O?Mara of Illinois finished the freestyle tournament 7-0 with an 8-0, 6-0 win over John Van Brill. O?Mara?s win gave Illinois a 22-8 lead after the first eight bouts.

    At 135 pounds, Myles Martin of New Jersey got a fall in the third period to knock off Ryan Holzrichter. Martin was leading 1-0 in the third, then scored a takedown and stacked up Holtzrichter.

    Jack Clark?s 1-0, 1-0 win over Colin Holler at 140 pounds gave New Jersey a second-straight victory and drew the team score closer. Heading into 145, New Jersey closed the team score gap to six, with Illinois leading 22-16 after 10 matches.

    Eddie Gonzalez gave Illinois three points with a three-period win over Dillon Artigliere at 145 pounds.

    New Jersey kept pace as Dylan Milonas scored a late takedown in the second period to upend previously unbeaten John Andreotti 1-0, 4-4.

    Illinois would pick up five points with a forfeit at 160 pounds, extending the lead to 31-20 with four weight classes remaining.

    Jaeden Bernstein won in straight periods at 171 pounds over Joseph Dedick to help New Jersey draw to within nine points.

    Jordan Ellingwood wrapped up the championship for Illinois with a dominant performance at 189 pounds, dispensing with New Jersey?s Corey Damiana via fall in the second period. Ellingwood?s fall gave Illinois enough team points to wrap up its second team championship of the week.

    Edgar Ruano and Andrew Geers finished off the championship for Illinois, picking up victories at 215 and 285 pounds.

    By Jason Bryant USA Wrestling

    Championship Finals

    84 ? Jabari Moody (Illinois) over Brandon Paetzell (New Jersey) Dec 1-0,7-0
    91 ? Miguel Silva (Illinois) over Dan Boychuck (New Jersey) Dec 4-0,1-0
    98 ? Austin Ryan (Illinois) over Jordan Kutler (New Jersey) Pin 0-7,1:06
    105 ? Austin Strzelczyk (Illinois) over Joseph Ghione (New Jersey) Dec 2-1,2-1
    112 ? Joseph McKenna (New Jersey) over Sebastian Pique (Illinois) Dec 6-0,5-0
    119 ? Nick Gil (Illinois) over Xaviel Ramos (New Jersey) Dec 4-1,5-4
    125 ? Anthony Ashnault (New Jersey) over Darius Henry (Illinois) Dec 1-1,1-0
    130 ? Jake O`Mara (Illinois) over John Van Brill (New Jersey) TF 8-0,7-0
    135 ? Myles Martin (New Jersey) over Ryan Holzrichter (Illinois) Pin 1-0,1-2,1:02
    140 ? Jack Clark (New Jersey) over Colin Holler (Illinois) Dec 1-0,1-0
    145 ? Eddie Gonzalez (Illinois) over Dillon Artigliere (New Jersey) Dec 3-3,6-0,2-0
    152 ? Dylan Milonas (New Jersey) over Peter Andreotti (Illinois) Dec 1-0,4-4
    160 ? Richard Robertson (Illinois) over Johnny Sebastian (RED MEDICAL) (New Jersey) Forf
    171 ? Jadean Bernstein (New Jersey) over Joseph Dedick (Illinois) Dec 1-0,4-3
    189 ? Jordan Ellingwood (Illinois) over Corey Damiana (New Jersey) Pin 5-0,0:18
    215 ? Edgar Ruano (Illinois) over Jeff Miller (New Jersey) Dec 2-0,4-3
    285 ? Andrew Geers (Illinois) over Carmine Goldsack (New Jersey) Dec 1-0,7-0

    Third Place

    84 ? Cy Trindle (Oklahoma) over Dalton Roberts (Michigan Red) Dec 0-6,3-2,2-1
    91 ? Kaid Brock (Oklahoma) over Lincoln Olson (Michigan Red) Dec 3-1,6-0
    98 ? Joe Garcia (Michigan Red) over Markus Simmons (Oklahoma) Dec 0-4,6-0,4-3
    105 ? Cody Karstetter (Oklahoma) over Logan Griffin (Michigan Red) Dec 3-0,1-1
    112 ? Zac Hall (Michigan Red) over Joe Smith (Oklahoma) Dec 6-4,3-3,5-0
    119 ? Justin Oliver (Michigan Red) over Gary Wayne Harding (Oklahoma) Pin 9-8,5-10,0:00
    125 ? Will Steltzlen (Oklahoma) over Mason Cleaver (Michigan Red) Dec 7-0,2-0
    130 ? Jonce Blaylock (Oklahoma) over Malik Amine (Michigan Red) Dec 8-0,3-1
    135 ? Zehlin Storr (Michigan Red) over T J Buser (Oklahoma) Dec 1-0,1-0
    140 ? Tanner Bailey (Oklahoma) over Logan Marcicki (Michigan Red) Dec 7-3,6-0
    145 ? Paden Bailey (Oklahoma) over Riley Hanson (Michigan Red) Pin 7-1,0:38
    152 ? Keilan Torres (Oklahoma) over Andrew Garcia (Michigan Red) Dec 7-0,5-2
    160 ? Zach Beard (Oklahoma) over Shon Powell (Michigan Red) Dec 1-2,2-0,6-1
    171 ? Teddy Warren (Michigan Red) over Paden Ayers (Oklahoma) Dec 5-4,1-1
    189 ? Conner Howard (Oklahoma) over Mitchell Tyler (Michigan Red) Pin 6-4,0:55
    215 ? Brian Moran (Michigan Red) over Kaleb Phillips (Oklahoma) TF 6-0,6-0
    285 ? Zach Wood (Michigan Red) over Dallas Campbell (Oklahoma) Dec 1-0,1-0

    Fifth Place

    84 ? Arik Furseth (Wisconsin) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
    91 ? Gannon Volk (Minnesota Storm) over Walker Christensen (Wisconsin) Dec 7-0,4-0
    98 ? Blane Tschida (Minnesota Storm) over Cole Large (Wisconsin) Pin 6-1,1:08
    105 ? Jens Lantz (Wisconsin) over Skyler Petry (Minnesota Storm) Dec 3-0,0-1,1-0
    112 ? Andrew Crone (Wisconsin) over James Pleski (Minnesota Storm) Dec 1-0,6-0
    119 ? Gabriel Grahek (Wisconsin) over Seth Gross (Minnesota Storm) Dec 1-1,6-3,2-1
    125 ? Brett Stolarczyk (Minnesota Storm) over Kyle Mezera (Wisconsin) Dec 9-2,4-3
    130 ? Joseph Nelson (Wisconsin) over Tanner Mills (Minnesota Storm) Dec 3-0,0-2,6-0
    135 ? Mitchell Berenz (Wisconsin) over Lincoln Mallinger (Minnesota Storm) Dec 6-0,5-3
    140 ? TJ O`Hara (Minnesota Storm) over Travis Hettinga (Wisconsin) Dec 3-1,1-3,6-0
    145 ? Seth Liegel (Wisconsin) over Jake Deutschlander (Minnesota Storm) TF 7-0,6-0
    152 ? Jared Schaaf (Wisconsin) over Austin Boniface (Minnesota Storm) TF 7-0,6-4
    160 ? Jake Stilling (Wisconsin) over Gus Phillips (Minnesota Storm) Pin 0:16
    171 ? Aaron Rothwell (Wisconsin) over Bryan Rachuy (Minnesota Storm) TF 6-0,8-0
    189 ? Quinn Faust (Wisconsin) over Will Balow (Minnesota Storm) Dec 2-3,3-0,3-0
    215 ? Nathan Preston (Minnesota Storm) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf
    285 ? Sam Stoll (Minnesota Storm) over Austin Clements (Wisconsin) Pin 0:07

    Seventh Place

    84 ? Double Forfeit
    91 ? Isaac Jimenez (Texas) over Carter Behler (Missouri) TF 7-1,12-5
    98 ? Ke-Shawn Hayes (Missouri) over Alex Minor (Texas) TF 7-0,6-0
    105 ? Gabe Torres (Texas) over Matt BarMann (Missouri) Pin 4-0,1:52
    112 ? Devan Richter (Missouri) over Nick Barker (Texas) Pin 1:45
    119 ? Seth Brayfield (Missouri) over Thayer Atkins (Texas) Dec 3-3,1-0,1-1
    125 ? Russell Coleman (Missouri) over Daniel Murillo (Texas) Dec 6-0,5-2
    130 ? Colston DiBlasi (Missouri) over Braden Urquhart (Texas) Dec 6-0,7-2
    135 ? Bo Nickal (Texas) over Darick Lapaglia (Missouri) Pin 6-0,0:42
    140 ? Devin Vasquez (Texas) over Grant Leeth (Missouri) Dec 7-4,6-0
    145 ? Logan Cairer (Missouri) over Sky Walker (Texas) Dec 5-0,0-3,2-1
    152 ? Nathan Harrison (Texas) over Tony Clinesmith (Missouri) Dec 4-3,4-3
    160 ? Brennan Johnson (Missouri) over Blake Andrews (Texas) Dec 1-0,2-0
    171 ? Dillon Carter (Texas) over Joseph Bradford (Missouri) Dec 7-4,5-4
    189 ? Chandler Klein (Missouri) over Anthony Camacho (Texas) Dec 6-0,4-4,5-0
    215 ? Matt McClimens (Missouri) over Nick Cobb (Texas) Dec 3-1,2-2
    285 ? J`den Cox (Missouri) over CJ Stratton (Texas) Pin 0:58

    For Full Results

    Freestyle Cadet Duals All Tournament Team

    84 pounds
    Luke Karen of Pennsylvania went 9-0
    Jabari Moody of Illinois went 7-0

    98 pounds
    Vincenzo Joseph of Pennsylvania went 9-0
    Casey Cobb of Idaho went 7-0
    Stevan Micic of Indiana went 7-0

    105 pounds
    Cody Karstetter of Oklahoma went 10-0
    Jens Lantz of Wisconsin went 8-0

    112 pounds
    Joseph McKenna of New Jersey went 10-0

    119 pounds
    Justin Oliver of MIchigan went 8-0
    James Flint of Florida went 8-0

    125 pounds
    Edgar Bright of Ohio went 8-0

    130 pounds
    Daniel Sanchez of Maryland went 8-0
    Colin Heffernan of Ohio went 8-0
    Jake O?Mara of Illinois went 7-0

    140 pounds
    Devin Vasquez of Texas went 8-0
    Matthew Moody of Georgia went 8-0
    Jack Clark of New Jersey went 6-0

    145 pounds
    Aaron Hartman of Florida went 8-0

    152 pounds
    Chance Marsteller of Pennsylvania went 9-0

    160 pounds
    Richard Robertson of Illinois went 9-0

    171 pounds
    Aaron Rothwell of Wisconsin went 8-0
    Zachary Martinez of Virginia went 7-0

    189 pounds
    Matt McClimens of Missouri went 9-0
    Aaron Rothwell of Wisconsin went 8-0

    215 pounds
    J?den Cox of Missouri went 10-0
    Tommy Petersen of Minnesota went 6-0

    285 pounds
    Sam Stoll of Minnesota went 9-0
    Nazar Mirenenko of Pennsylvania went 9-0
    Wesley Bernard of Indiana went 7-0

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    Oklahoma was third you got the score wrong

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