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Adidas America has released the 2011-2012 wrestling shoe models and we?re going to review each of the new styles and colors available this season. All of these styles are going to be available in mid-August and you can get them first at

The Mat Wizard 4 has outdone its predecessors in design quality but the lack of a variety of colors will make it less popular than some of the previous models. Built with core colors ? Black/Red/White & White/Red/Black ? and quality materials as the focal point, the Matwizard is going to impress a lot of people who fit their color options.

The AdiWear outsole, a feature available in several of Adidas? shoes this season, provides great traction from many otherwise awkward positions. The addition of a full grain leather upper means support for the ankle will not be lacking and should have very few problems with the design coming apart.

Durability - A

This should be the most durable of all of Adidas? designs this season.

Weight - B+

A little heavier than most Adidas designs, this shoe?s quality materials add to its weight. The use of leather in the upper instead of a cheaper, less resilient material creates a quality product ? albeit at the price of a little more weight.

Color Options - C

Adidas is playing it safe this season with core design colors and very little overlapping in their color options. After success this season the Mat Wizard 4 will add more color options ? most likely a Royal or Navy Blue and White.

Availability - B

This shoe will sell out mid-season in most popular sizes but should be available through Christmas.

Price - A/B+

Depending on where you purchase, this shoe will be priced between $109.95 ( and $149.95 (Dick?s Sporting Goods & Other non-wrestling retailers). The shoe is the same so do a little price checking before you buy.