Since its been decided that owners in the league this past year will be allowed to keep one of their guys they had this year should they so choose, I'm batting around ideas on how I want to do the draft.

Whoever keeps a guy technically won't get a first round pick, the guy they keep will just count as that.

What I'm thinking about doing right now, is holding a random draw for the new people, and the old people who don't keep guys, having them pick, and then doing a big redraw for rounds 2-15.

Other things I can do are break the "Keepers" and the "non-Keepers" into groups, draw for each of them, and then combine them to how we think they'd best fit into the snake style of the draft. Meaning put the "keeper" spots in slots 1-..., and then finish off the draft with the non keepers who would then get the first picks in the second round. Or vice versa.

The first option is probably the easiest, while the second option chances are would be fairer.