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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion 2/29-3/9: Playoff Time

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    Default Fantasy League Discussion 2/29-3/9: Playoff Time

    While I haven't calculated the exact scores yet, unless something crazy winds up happening our first round playoff match ups are going to be...

    Trusty v. Gofer
    Wiltz v. Grips

    As I've said before, now scores are wiped clean, and these are head to head match ups. Whoever scores more, goes on. You four will post one line up for these two weekends.

    Those of you who aren't in the playoffs, but still want to post line ups, you're more than welcome to do so. You don't necessarily have to post ten, and a flex either if you don't want to. If you want to have a go with what you think are your eleven best, do it.

    I won't guarantee that I'll calculate your scores for you, but I think most people that plan on sticking around calculate their own scores anyway, and I've just been verifying them.

    Good luck to our four teams in the playoffs, and I'll say it for the second to last time, Line ups and discussion
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