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Discuss Question at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; Originally Posted by Dart Shark Like the F-Bomb posted yesterday or the day on the ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dart Shark View Post
    Like the F-Bomb posted yesterday or the day on the Caldwell thread on ... I believe it was something regarding "effing up the seeding."

    I guess seeding gets people really fired up.

    (That post was since deleted ... if I would guess, due to the f-bomb)

    Point proven.
    You of all people should know how fired up people can get about seeding.. hahaha.

    If you asked me to describe seeding due to the CKLV Id say it was going to be "fucked up" 10 out of 10 times because thats the only way I can say it. There is no euphemistic alternative that would offer the same connotations maybe its a regional thing but around here if you were trying trying to be non-offensive you'd say effed up instead of fucked up.

    Sorry if the children reading this thread are crying but in this case I think the f bomb was nessacary to make my meaning clear

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    There are plenty of alternatives ... learn a few.

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    the only reason we "roast" you LoSt is because you seem to be the only one instigating all of these issues. your competitive nature is lost on the fact that we are all buddies here and are just enjoying the fantasy league for what it is...we knew it was a test this year...who has given you more slack on our trades this year then me?

    did you even do the pay option for the fantasy league? if you didn't i am not sure you should have a say on anything as it regards setting precedence. I can understand having an opinion, stating the opinion in a way to improve the process for next year but you state your opinion and then beat the life out of it on this board until there's nothing left but wet pulp...move on.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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