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Thread: Playoffs/NCAAS

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    I know Im probably not going to make it there but I've been wondering for a while now, are lineups going to be the same format for confrences/ncaas as they are for the regular season? It seems like there should be a different way to run things, I know some confrences have their tournament a week prior to the b10/b12 and most of the other confrences, so someone could potentialy be wrestling 13 or 14 guys instead of 11 if this is the case.

    Also I sort of feel like it should be your teams performance as a whole that counts in the post-season and not just 11 guys. But then again, if we're keeping the point totals from the regular season allowing people to start all 15 guys during the playoffs would seem to negatate any advantage gained during the first couple of months. Maybe thats what we want though, I mean the confrences/ncaas ARE the focus of the season for the wrestlers so maybe having them be worth more points is not a bad idea.

    Just some ramblings of mine anyway Im sure commish knows what he's doing already, its definitely something that we should look at for next year though.

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    well I am down to 12 so I would be f'd.
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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    well I am down to 12 so I would be f'd.
    You'd get their backups just like you would in the reg season, plus I wouldnt be surprised to see flanagan back for confrences

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    We're still sticking with ten starters and a Flex guy. I'm going to try and gather together a list of the Conference tournament dates so I can decide when to end the regular season, and seed up the top four.

    As I've said before, those who aren't in the top four can still post their line ups, and I will score them.

    Depending on when I set the beginning of the playoffs date, what I may do is lengthen the scoring period to longer than a week, but allow like three subs into the line up after a certain time.

    Thoughts from people who are actually going to make the playoffs are welcome, and Lost if you want to give your opinion on how to help hook this thing up for next year, you can too.

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    From what I remember last year, all conferences (at least the ones where we had wrestlers) had their conference meets one of two weeks, either 2 or 3 weeks before NCAAs and no school had any other competition those two weeks. So, assuming it is the same way this year, you could score over those two weeks to see who gets in.
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    I know its mainly just those two weeks, but I'm kind of looking more for a start and end date. "..." is when the earliest tournament starts, and "..." is when the final tournament ends.

    Big 10's and Big 5's are the weekend of the 8th. I'm looking for Pac 10's, ACC's, EIWA's, EWL's, MAC's, I know I'm forgetting a bunch here too, but if anyone can dig them up for me, it'd be a big help.

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    PAC 10's are the 03/02-03/03

    EIWA's are 03/08

    CAA's are 03/07-03/08

    MAC's are 03/07-03/08
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    Default Re: Playoffs/NCAAS

    We're looking at the last two weeks of the regular season is my guess. This one and the next.
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    After next week there isn't really anything until conferences.
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