Who are some guys you've drafted who've been disapointing unimpressive or not worth as high of a pick as you gave them? Troy Nickerson would be the obvious #1, heres my list.

133: Robbie Preston
I dunno what I was thinking I knew he wasnt supposed to be back until second semester but he was the only ranked 133 pounder left and I was under the impression that 2nd semester started in JANUARY, when most of harvards duals are. Here we are in mid february and Preston has yet to grace us with his prescence... worst pick ever.

141: Brandon Rader the guy was my #3 pick he's probably the least talked about 2 time AA out there and picks up monster bonus points, the only problem is that he got injured early in the year and left me not knowing when he'd be back. When he finally DID come back he got one pin and then blew out his ACL vs mendes ending his season. Luckily gofer traded for him or else I'd be in major trouble. THis guy might be worth it as a late pick gamble but considering his history with injuries I'd advise against it...

149: David Jaregui
Part of my dissapointing WVU trio he's mostly unimpressive because he's gotten very little if any starting time with caldwell in the lineup.

157: Zac Fryling
Unimpressive early season results including defaulting out of the CKLV caused me to drop this guy for moley. Then he goes and beats moley in OT, go figure...

165: Andy rendos
I didnt really know anything about the guy I just saw that he had a lot of bonus point wins last year and thought he'd be a good flex pickup. Stupid choice on my part as I started him for ONE match and he scored 3 points, tannenbaum is the #2 guy in the country of course he's going to start every week and I have better flex options

HVY: Cody Gardner
Well the kid wrestled 2 matches and went 1-1 with a decision then quit the sport, if thats not a bust I dont know what is...