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Discuss Weight by Weight your team at the Fantasy League Schlottke within the Wrestling Talk Forums; I realize not everone might be keeping track of this stuff but me I made ...
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    Default Weight by Weight your team

    I realize not everone might be keeping track of this stuff but me I made a spreadsheet at the start of the season with my roster on it and I've been keeping track of the number of points each guy has gotten me and a couple other things. The fact that my performance has been absolutely abysmyl at 133 got me thinking about my weight by weight performance so I ran the numbers.

    125: 122
    Sees and Myctech are both top notch guys performance-wise although a little lower in the rankings. I would be surprised if anyone has a higher number at this weight as I cant think of anyone that has two guys consistently scoring bonus at 25.

    133: 31
    Yeah... its even worse when you consider I've had a total of 4 different wrestlers at this weight throughout the year... this and 141 are the only things that have kept me out of top contention

    141: 30
    Not much better rader was a HUGE bust as my #3 pick he scored me 6 total points before getting himself hurt again, lucky gofer wanted to make a gamble and I picked up ettelson who has been solid if not extrodanairy so far.

    149: 112
    Pretty much a one man crew jaregui scored me 12 points in a tournament and hasnt been in the lineup since... Even if david has 2 matches to caldwells 1 Im more likely to start caldwell since its almost a guarenteed 6... 100 points exactly for darrion so far

    157: 52
    Another one of my weaker weights moley has done a lot to solidify this one although he did lose to the guy I dropped... Not a terrible performance overal

    165: 86
    Dont know what I was thinking when i grabbed a backup for tannenbaum... He doesnt score a lot of bonus but he's consistent and he's 21-2 on the year for me

    174: 120
    My other big swinging weight Lucas was a surprise success story fo me this year as I picked him a few rounds after letts and he's had some great success. Now that the dual meet season is in full swing though Letts has been paying some dividends and picking up bonus, Im happy with both of these guys this year.

    184: 82
    Pucillos been holding this one down singlehandidly all year and done an excellent job, he's for sure a top 5 guy.

    197: 98
    Davis finally lost the other day but luckily he wasnt in my lineup, T.J. MOrrison has been a LOT more productive then I expected and a great addition to my team. Davis hasnt scored as many as I would like for such a top guy but considering trusty has glenn I guess I cant really complain

    HVY: 52
    This weight was terrible for me up until december since my guy actually quit wrestling and only scored 3 for me... But dobbies has been an EXCELLENT pick and I really wish Id gotten him in the initial draft because the standings might be looking a little different

    Note: these are current so my points from this week so far are up there, but somehow Im missing 5 from what I should have total. I must have missed a match in my spreadsheet and it'd be way too much work to try and find it.

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    Default Re: Weight by Weight your team

    I'd rank my weights like this, I don't have the scores I've gotten calculated this is just my opinion on how the guys have done.

    1. 133: Gomez and Grey
    2. 157: Gillespie
    3. 141: Manny
    4. 197: Maskren
    5. 149: JPO
    6. 165: Colt now that he's finally gotten healthy
    7. 285: Massey
    8. 184: Caponi
    9. 174: Erwin, and Trevor Perry
    10. 125: Ashmore, and Pescaglia, then settling on Novachkov
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    Default Re: Weight by Weight your team

    I am took tired to do this assessment full out but my 141 and 157 have been pretty much non-factors. This year.

    I have gotten good points from Ness at 125, Castillo is coming along at 133, Ervin has been solid at 149 and starting to climb the rankings again, Marable has been a pleasant surprise climbing to #2 at 165, Keith Gavin-enough said. Weitzel and Caputo seemed like a deadly combo at 184 but Caputo has been MIA the last six weeks, Michalek has been my third best guy at 197 as he has few losses and some nice bonus points and Bergman has been a nice anchor at Hwt.
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