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    Kind of a spoiler but if you are starting some Gophers against South Dakota State tomorrow prepare to possibly be disappointed:

    ? Head coach J Robinson and the Golden Gopher coaching staff will likely send out a somewhat different starting lineup Sunday against SDSU. Normal starters Dustin Schlatter, Scott Glasser, Tyler Safratowich, Gabe Dretsch and Roger Kish will most likely not be wrestling due to various injuries and ailments, giving Luke Mellmer (freshman, 149 pounds), Jeremy Larson (senior, 165 pounds), Brandon Sitch (redshirt fresman, 174 pounds) and Mitch Kuhlman (senior, 184 pounds) a chance to fill in.
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    Sounds like you and I will be sitting pretty still...

    Edit: So much for all that noise, Ness goes 33, and Manny sits. Schlottke scores with CP's fall, but I think thats about it for Gophers.
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    NOne of my Gophers wrestled, but at least I had an opportunity to see UM wrestle for the first time this year in person.
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