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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 1/11-1/17

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    You are but too kind, gofer.
    You do the math..... I'll do the alfredo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

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    125 Precin did pretty good. Lost a tight one to Donohue and then got me 16 points going 4-6-3-3 for 15
    133, Reiter is back to where he was before getting injured I think also giving me 16 points going 5-4-3-4. His gastank seems to be full

    Then things turned to worms:
    Noone at 141
    Noone at 149
    Becker went 0-1 at 157
    Smith-Bersrud went 1-1 and got me 3 points(barely)
    Dergo did ok getting me 6 points going 2-0
    Kish lost the two matches he was in 2-3 and got me no points
    Herbst didn't wrestle;
    Berhow went 1-0 and got me 3.

    I get a whole 44 points (sob)

    whoops........Dergo got me another 4 so I have 48 points!
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    poor TLV =*(

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