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Thread: Fantasy Rosters: Supplemental Aid

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    Idea Fantasy Rosters: Supplemental Aid

    I am putting together a list for our supplemental draft if everyone would send me their complete roster I can compile a list for the supplemental draft.

    I have rosters from: Goferphan, Mojo, Lost, Jensen, ISU2008, Trusty, TLV, Avallone, Stiffy, Wrastler118, eazee, Scholttke and Wiltz(I should have my own)

    Found a line-up from way back for Grips. So, if I made some mistakes. Deal with it.

    Right now my list is about 100% complete.
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    Default Re: Fantasy Rosters


    125 Gabe Flores - Tyler Shinn

    133 Coleman Scott -

    141 Don Fisch -

    149 Will Rowe - Austin Primus

    157 Newley McSpadden - Ryan Morningstar

    165 John Reader -

    174 Brandon Mason -

    184 Trevor Brandvold - Ryan Goodman - Jack Jensen

    197 Daren Burns -

    HWT Jared Rosholt -
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    Default Re: Fantasy Rosters

    125: Javier Maldonado/Brandon Kinney/John Olanowski
    133: Tyler McCormick
    141: Jake Strayer
    149: Dustin Schlatter
    157: Michael Chandler/Neil Erisman
    165: Tyler Safratowich/Jacob Dieffenbach
    174: Matt Stolpinski
    184: Marc Bennett/Jesse Strawn
    197: Brent Jones
    Hwt: Wade Sauer
    Curtis Chenoweth
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    Default Re: Fantasy Rosters

    125 Tomasette/Martinez
    133 Baker/Jantzen
    141 Jaggars/Barnes
    149 Jenkins
    157 Kocher
    165 Cannon
    174 Drestch
    184 Umbehauer/Bressler
    197 Koz
    285 Fox/Rogers
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    Default Re: Fantasy Rosters

    The Muffintops

    125-Charlie Falck
    133-Andrae Hernandez/Kenny Jordan
    141-Nathan Morgan/Zack Kemmerer
    149-Adam Hall
    157-Craig Henning/Jordan Leen
    165-Ryan Patrovich/Donnie Jones
    174-Nick Hayes
    184-Tyrell Todd
    197-Hudson Taylor
    285-Scott Steele/Jon May
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    Default Re: Fantasy Rosters

    Waiting on rosters from Grips and Schlottke
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Default Re: Fantasy Rosters

    Luke Smith
    Chad Mendes
    Ryan Lang
    CP Schlatter
    Pat Pitsch
    Steve Luke
    Raymond Jordan
    Craig Brester
    Eric Albright
    Joe Fendone
    Dan Vallimont
    Eric Medina
    Daniel Dennis
    Joey Slaton
    Charlie Pinto

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    Default Re: Fantasy Rosters

    I am done I will post by weight.
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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    Default Supplemental Draft aide

    Here who has already been taken:


    Tanner Gardner
    Angel Escebedo
    Collin Cudd
    Javier Maldonado
    Brandon Kinney
    John Olanowski
    Frank Perelli
    Tyler Clark
    Jayson Ness
    Charlie Falck
    Luke Smith
    Ben Ashmore
    Gabe Flores
    Tyler Shinn
    steve myctech
    Mike Sees
    Paul Donahoe
    Rollie Peterkin
    RIP Jacob Schlottke; KR1963 and rpayton

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