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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 12/14-12/20

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    I'll tally you jokers up tomorrow. I think I'm sitting at 48 for my limited week. I'd have more, but I don't know how many points Trevor Perry picked up in Indiana's two matches.
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    so it looks like nothing is really happening after the supplemental draft until the week of the 29th of December-January 4th?
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    Finished up with 55.

    125 Tomasette Hofstra
    133 Baker Navy 19
    141 Jaggers Ohio St. 17
    149 Jenkins PSU
    157 Kocher Pitt 12
    165 Cannon American
    174 Drestch Minnesota
    184 Bressler Oregon St. 3
    197 Koz UTC
    285 Fox Northwestern 4

    Flex Barnes Oregon St.

    Considering I had only one person at Reno, I think I did pretty well.
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    anyone find the individual Indiana results yet???
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    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    ISU, I think you are going to find out that 59 isn't too bad of a score for the week...I just lucked out and got those Ohio Duals points from Triggas and Bergman (30+) and then got some nice points at Reno (40) from Ervin and Michalek.
    I suppose, it's just frustrating when my top guys aren't wrestling or I don't know what weight they are at. I know everyone else probably has the same problem, but since I don't count up their points I don't see it first hand.
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