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Thread: Fantasy League Supplemental Draft: Finish Your Picks If You Want Them

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    Default Fantasy League Supplemental Draft: Finish Your Picks If You Want Them

    Basically what the topic says, the supplemental that you've all read about, and maybe wondered about is going to start on Thursday December 20.

    Reno is on Tuesday the 18th, and then after that theres really no major competition that I can find until Midlands and the Scuffle the weekend of the 29th.

    It'll be three rounds max, you can participate in all three rounds, you can participate in two, one, or you can choose to not participate at all. It'll be done in the same format as the original draft, someone will pick, and then we'll try and notify the person up next so they can get their pick in.

    To pick a wrestler, you must also drop a wrestler. When it comes to your pick you'll go "I'm picking ______, and I'm dropping _______" Other owners will then in turn be allowed to use their picks, on guys that have been dropped already. One man's trash, is another man's treasure, eh?

    Order will be established by the standings, it'll go in reverse order from lowest score to highest. Hence why I'm waiting for Reno to finish so I can tabulate scores before we have this.
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