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    starting from the bottom up-pending Jensens' approval i'll start calling guys soon . THERE are NO NCAA champs left and few conference champs-so address the needs of your team . IF you have no wish to participate please say so . I'd like to get this started by Wednesday . Thanks !

    1. Dutch: 1,142-drop/Cory Clark / add Nick Moore-165
    2. Lost: 1,017-ropping Bonaldi 141 for Bryce Hammond, 174
    3. R.Payton: 993-drop Dallago/add Josh Martinez 125 AF
    4. Trusty: 944-add Todd Porter 174 MIZZ and drop Brundage 174
    5. Jensen: 888-Dropping Jesse Thielke/Drafting Brandon Palik
    6. Wiltz: 884-drops LaValle-/adds LJ Helbig 174 Wyoming
    7. Zapp: 872-drops Jackson (the bum)-adds garner Utah Valley 141
    8. Snackem: 859-drops-Accordino/Adds Josh Veltre
    9. Falcon: 798--drops OWEN/adds Niko Brown 197 UTC
    10. Gofer: 759-drops Iwamura /Adds Triggas -trades Triggas to RPayton For Kraisser
    11. Gage: 744-drops-Walraven/ adds-Joey Lazor
    12. 1stPlace: 744-drops Small/adds Mecate and trades Mecate to RPayton for Yates 174-trade starts next week.
    13. Grips: 586--drops Turtledove/Adds Nate Brown 174 Lehigh
    14. TLV: 523
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