1. We have fourteen teams, I've decided that we're going to do one fourteen team division. During the regular season we're going to be running strictly on points, you aren't going to be competing against different teams each week, you're just trying to score as many points as you can. Come playoff time the top four teams will advance, and the format will change to head to head. The semi-finals will occur during the week of conference tournaments, and the finals will occur during NCAA's.

2. You'll start 11 guys every week, 1 guy each 125-285, then one flex guy from whatever weight you want. Teams will be comprised of fifteen wrestlers, so you'll have four guys on your bench to insert as necessary. Scoring periods will go on a week by week basis.

3. If your guy wins a match by decision then thats three points for your team, a major gets your team four points, a tech fall gets you five, and pins and forfeits get you six. Additionally if you have a guy who beats a #1 ranked wrestler in the USA Today/Intermat poll then you'll get three bonus points. Come post season time you'll get five bonus points for each conference champion you have, and as many as eight bonus points for each of your All Americans.

4. All dual meets will count as scoring events. In addition during the regular season we'll also be counting the Kauffman Brand, Vegas, Scuffle, Midlands, and Reno tournaments. The post season will as mentioned consist of Conferences during the semi-finals, and NCAA's during the finals.

5. Trades are allowed, Free Agency isn't. During the season if a guy in your line up gets injured you'll be allowed to keep him on your team, but also replace him with whoever his team puts into the line up as his back up. This only works for injuries, getting beat out, not making weight, or whatever else it doesn't count. Over the New Year break we'll hold a supplemental draft where you'll be able to dump probably three of your guys, and draft guys who either came out of no where, or just flew under the radar during the draft.

6. There is a money aspect to this league that is optional. I've set up a paypal account under wrestlingtalk@yahoo.com. If you pay and win the league you'll get whatever amount of money is in the pot, and you'll also be allowed to set a sig for all the losers for a month. If someone who doesn't pay wins they just get to set the sig, and I'll refund the money to all that paid.

Questions, comments, or complaints can be posted in this thread, or pm'd to me. I think I hit on everything.