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    In an effort to save Jensens some headaches and to see some of these team's come together, how about everyone start posting their teams here now that the draft is wrapping up.

    I will start.

    125 Jayson Ness Minnesota
    133 Pat Castillo UNI
    141 C.J. Ettelson UNI
    149 Scott Ervin Appalachian State
    157 Chris Oliver Nebraska
    165 Andrew Flanagan Harvard
    174 Keith Gavin Pittsburgh
    184 Louis Caputo, Harvard
    197 Wynn Michalek CMU
    Hwt J.D. Bergman OSU

    125 Nikko Triggas OSU
    133 Zach Tanelli Wisconsin
    165 Nick Marable Missouri
    174 Jarrod King Edinboro
    184 T.J. Morrisson Rider

    I like my team. I need some major production from Bergman and Michalek but I like my chances with alot of these guys winning there conference championships.
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