based off intermat. i like how most of my guys are doing so far.

125: David Thorn #6 - So glad I grabbed him. pin over bonanno was sweet.
133: Eric Spjut UR - Okay but not where i thought he would be. got beat by Joey Ward.
141: Zach Niebert #7 - Other than losing to the citadel guy, he has been great. cant believe he beat graff.
149: Derek Valenti #9 -hasnt wrestled anyone good yet but is doing well. he will see brascetta soon.
157: Jesse Dong #7 - only wrestled once and it was a tech. hopefully more action from now on.
165: Tyler Caldwell #3 - looked good crushing morse and toal at lindenwood.
174: Chris Perry #1 - looked good at lindenwood.
184: Tony Dallago #11 - has wrestled a bunch of d2 and d3 guys and lost once. hopefully just a hiccup.
197: Brent Haynes #5 - doing well.
285: Levi Cooper #11 - pretty much what i thought he would be. beats crappy to average guys. 40/60 against good guys. got decked by fortune.
Ty Mitch UR
Ridge Kiley UR
Scott Winston #9 - other than the flemming match, i cant complain.
John Martin Cannon #16
Donny Logendyke