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Thread: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/23-11/29

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/23-11/29

    125: Matt Snyder (Virginia Tech)
    133: Tony Ramos (Cornell, Iowa Central, SIUE)
    141: Tyler Graff (UNI)
    149: Cole Von Ohlen (Nothing)
    157: Frank Hickman (Northeast Duals)
    165: John Greisheimer (Nothing)
    174: Cody Caldwell (Nothing)
    184: Ryan Loder (Nothing)
    197: Christian Boley (Northeast Duals)
    285: Mike McMullan (Nothing)
    Flex: Evan Silver (South Dakota State, Missouri)
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/23-11/29

    125: Waters (South Dakota State, Stanford)
    133: Sentes (Oklahoma, Hofstra, Cornell)
    149: Oliver (Penn)
    157: Pena (Boise State)
    165: Monk (Bison Quad)
    174: Huntley (Nothing)
    184: Vinson (Boise State)
    197: Chriswell (Oregon State)
    285: Medbery (Northern Iowa)
    Flex: 165- Graham (JourneyMan Duals)

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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/23-11/29

    125 Jarrod Garnett Virginia Tech--Virginia
    133 Logan Stieber Ohio State--Nothin
    141 Michael Mangrum Oregon State--Boise State
    149 Nick Lester Oklahoma--NE Duals
    157 George Ivanov Boise State--Oregon State
    165 Peter Yates Virginia Tech--Virginia
    174 Zach Cardwell Oregon State--BSU
    184 Jake Swartz Boise State--OSU
    197 Taylor Meeks Oregon State--BSU
    285 Ben Apland Michigan--Nothin

    149 Justin Accordino Hofstra--NE Duals

    125 Nick Soto UTenn--Nothin
    149 Donnie Corby Central Michigan--NE Duals
    165 Seth Thomas Oregon State--BSU
    174 Dom Kastl Cal Poly--Nothin
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/23-11/29

    125 Sprenkle NDSU Duals +6+3+3=12
    133 Zehner Out for semester
    141 Dardenes NDSU Duals +4+4+6=14
    149 Ness NDSU Duals +4(Lange)+3+6(Giamo)=13
    157 Dieringer Penn +6
    165 Yohn NDSU Duals +6+0+4(Ortiz)=10
    174 Storley NDSU Duals +4+4+5(Yohn)=13
    184 Steinhaus NDSU +4+4+6=14
    197 Gonzalez Journeyman/NE duals +6+3+0=9
    285 Nelson NDSU +6+3=9
    Flex: Schmitt NIU +3
    Bench: Borlie, Rutt, Henderson and Magrum all of whom are taking the week off.

    40 Points after 1st round in both NCSU Duals and Journeyman Duals.
    23 points in 2nd round for total of 63 points.
    30 points in 3rd round for a total of 93( JROB did double forfeits at 3 weights including 285 against Ithica CC)
    9 POint on Sunday for total of 102...damn site better than the last 3 weeks.
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    Default Re: Fantasy League Discussion: 11/23-11/29

    125: Sean Boyle
    133: Geoff Alexander (vs Columbia, vs Purdue, vs Illinois)
    141: Tyler Small
    149: Steve Santos (vs Rutgers, vs Maryland, vs Drexel)
    157: Taylor Walsh
    165: Mike Evans (vs SIUE, vs Cornell College, vs Iowa Central CC)
    174: Matt Brown
    184: Ethen Lofthouse (vs SIUE, vs Cornell College, vs Iowa Central CC)
    197: Blake Rosholt (vs Penn)
    285: Alan Gelogaev (vs Penn)
    Flex: Levi Wolfensperger (vs Wisconsin)

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