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    First week in the book and for the first time in two years I didn't win, not happy about that at all. Snackem takes the week home off a strong tournament line up including the week's top scorer Nick Soto who put up 31 points.

    With this being the first week I'm doing my best to get back into the swing of things here so if you see a discrepancy between what I gave you and what you have for yourself let me know. To head off some questions I will say the only tournaments this week that counted were the Buffalo and Hokie Opens.

    Week 1
    1. Snackem: 112
    2. Lost: 87
    3. Jensen: 80
    4. R.Payton: 80
    5. Dutch: 58
    6. Funk: 54
    7. Wiltz: 52
    8. 1stPlace: 46
    9. Zapp: 43
    10. Falcon: 39
    11. TLV: 36
    12. Trusty: 30
    13. Grips: 27
    14. Gofer: 12
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