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Thread: Your Fantasy Lineup

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    Default Your Fantasy Lineup

    Post your lineup here and brag about your team! I'm using Flo's rankings (Available here: NCAA 125lb Rankings | News | Flowrestling) for mine because I like them the best

    LoSt's Reigning Champs
    125: #11 Mark Rappo
    133: #9 Jon Morrison
    141: #5 Hunter Stieber
    149: #16 Mario Mason
    157: #5 James Green
    165: #1 David Taylor
    174: #9 Lee Munster
    184: #6 Josh Inhen
    197: #3 Matt Wilps
    HVY: #7 Chad Hanke

    133: UR Cody Brewer
    149: #20 Nick Brascetta
    157: #12 Joey Napoli
    184: UR Kenny Courts
    HVY: UR Derek Papagianopoulos

    Very happy with how my draft turned out. My guys might not win the most individual titles of any team, but I've managed a top 10 guy in every weight except 125 and 149, and I think that Mason is definitely a top 10 talent if he's able to stay healthy this year.

    Off the bench I have three strong prospects in Brewer, Courts, and Papagianopoulos, and two really talented upside guys who managed to slip through the cracks in Brascetta and Napoli. I expect all of these guys to be top 20 this year, and I wouldn't be shocked if I managed 2-3 AA's between them.

    The one area where I am woefully lacking is in conference champions. Other than Taylor and Wilps I don't have a SINGLE guy who is a lock to win his conference, and the majority of my team isn't even favored to make the finals.

    I'm a little concerned about my schedule this year as well. In past years I had the advantage of being a college student with lots of time for research between picks. Because I'm working fulltime now (like many of you) I wasn't able to do much research on matches, potential opponents, or backups that filled holes for my starters. I largely drafted on talent alone. This could be really dangerous if I'm not able to establish a strong points lead during the early season, because as I mentioned before, my conference lineup blows

    Anyway enough of me rambling! Post your teams! Brag! Analyze!
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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    125 Matt McDonough

    133 Shelton Mack

    141 Luke Vaith

    149 David Habat

    157 James Fleming

    165 Zach Toal

    174 Cole Gracey

    184 Robert Hamlin

    197 Alfonso Hernandez

    hwt Dom Bradley


    184 Jimmy Sheptock

    133 Jordan Thome

    165 Mark Lewandowski

    141 Mark Ballweg

    149 Mike Kelly
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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    125 David Thorn #17
    133 Eric Spjut UR
    141 Zach Neibert #10
    149 Derek Valenti #11
    157 Jesse Dong #7
    165 Tyler Caldwell #3
    174 Chris Perry #1
    184 Tony Dallago #9
    197 Brent Haynes #6
    285 Levi Cooper #9

    Ty Mitch 125
    Ridge Kelly 133
    Scott Winston 165
    John Martin-Canon 174
    Donny Logendyke HWT
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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    AWN Rankings
    125 Zanetta #6
    133 Colon #6
    141 Nevinger #5
    149 Lester #8
    157 Bonin #13
    165 Dake #1
    174 Storley #4
    184 Steinhaus #4
    197 Perry #13
    Hwt Trice #3

    125 Young #19
    133 McCormick #11
    149 Lopouchanski #15 (Big point scorer other than in conference)
    197 Gadsen UR
    Hwt Miller UR (EIWA's #1 ranked returning heavyweight)

    Probably not the sexiest team out there and for the 2nd year in a row, a guy I drafted I found out is RS'ing in the middle of the draft in Zanetta apparently. Last year it was Chamberlain. I feel I did pretty good to cover my bases until the supplemental draft and as usual, tried to find potential AA's who would win conferences so that I can hope to finish top 5 in points during regular season and if not, I would try to get the wild card. A couple "what if's". Colon isn't due back until midlands and rumor had it that he would be coming back at 125. I just don't see it. If so, that's a big coup for me to get Colon at 125 and McCormick can stay at 133. With Colon out and no one drafting Wolfensberger or Jauch from UNI, I still might have a serviceable 133 from UNI to help out while Colon sits. I scrambled and picked up Young in the 15th round though I wanted to pick up Massa in the 15th round one ahead of Trusty. For those who don't believe me, I sent a text to Wiltz saying just that thing.

    Wherever I thought I was somewhat weak, I tried to pick a serviceable back-up such as at 149 where I have Lester and at 197 where I have Perry.

    I am assuming that Dake will stay up at 165, that is a big if so if he doesn't, I have no 165.

    Miller was a wild card pick. In the EIWA, heavyweight is wide open with Rey and Flores gone and Miller is certainly in the mix to potentially make the final in the EIWA.

    As always, this team at the end of the season will most likely look nothing like it does now. It will be interesting to see how the next couple weeks go and who wins losses wrestle-offs, which guys end up at which weights, which guys end up RS'ing at the last second and how injuries will play a part in the season. This isn't my best drafted team as again, Zanetta RS'ing hurts me and if Dake goes 157, I am in a bit of a pickle but I think its my best overall job of drafting by starting with a strategy and staying with it.

    Did mention yet how much I hate picking up guys in the Big 4?
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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    Of all the teams posted so far, I like the upside that LoSt's team has as most of his guys I think are stronger than their rankings and from a top to bottom standpoint of just a solid 15 guys, I like Wiltz's team even if its too loaded with Iowa honks.
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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    My team would be stronger had Sheptock not moved up to 184. With Iowa's easy schedule to start the season I am expecting bonus points; most people forget Ballweg led Iowa in pins 2 years ago while Marion was sitting out.
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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    Quote Originally Posted by goferphan View Post
    I am assuming that Dake will stay up at 165, that is a big if so if he doesn't, I have no 165.
    You're going to trade him to Russ in a couple of weeks anyway, so after that it'll be his possible problem not yours.
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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    125: #5 Alan Waters
    133: #2 Scott Sentes
    141: #1 Jordan Oliver
    149: #6 Scott Sakaguchi
    157: #10 RJ Pena
    165: #9 Bubby Graham
    174: #9 Oscar Huntley
    184: #19 Ty Vinson
    197: #18 Brent Chriswell
    285: #13 Odie Delaney

    157: #16 Josh Kreimier
    165: #12 Steve Monk
    165: UR Taylor Massa (Possible Redshirt)
    197: UR Tyler Lehman
    285: #19 Connor Medbery

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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    125-Mega #2-wanted to back him up with soto but..
    133-Owen #10-strong oft injured kid -CC
    141-Port-#10-rd of 12 last year- CC
    149-Grajales #10 this is his best chance to finally break out
    157-Alton #2-super high on this kid -championship is possible
    165 Martinez-#15-over 30 wins at 174 and is at his natural weight thanks to onufer graduating CC
    174-Fausey #4-i think Fausey can win it all.29-5 at 184 last year .CC
    184-Bosak #1-Love steve -CC high AA
    197-Burak #5-could beat anyone including kilgore .CC
    285-James #16-great schedule-has improved every year -finalist with great chance to beat Thoms

    165-LeBlanc #17-mucho points early -30+ match winner at 174 last year.
    184 -Thoms #15-29-15 as a true frosh-injured last year-CC
    174-koehn #17-schedule fir perfectly with Fausey -split with heflin last year -as good as Kokesh, IMO.
    133-Wolfie UR-CC at 141 last year .With Colon out should do well .
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