Post your lineup here and brag about your team! I'm using Flo's rankings (Available here: NCAA 125lb Rankings | News | Flowrestling) for mine because I like them the best

LoSt's Reigning Champs
125: #11 Mark Rappo
133: #9 Jon Morrison
141: #5 Hunter Stieber
149: #16 Mario Mason
157: #5 James Green
165: #1 David Taylor
174: #9 Lee Munster
184: #6 Josh Inhen
197: #3 Matt Wilps
HVY: #7 Chad Hanke

133: UR Cody Brewer
149: #20 Nick Brascetta
157: #12 Joey Napoli
184: UR Kenny Courts
HVY: UR Derek Papagianopoulos

Very happy with how my draft turned out. My guys might not win the most individual titles of any team, but I've managed a top 10 guy in every weight except 125 and 149, and I think that Mason is definitely a top 10 talent if he's able to stay healthy this year.

Off the bench I have three strong prospects in Brewer, Courts, and Papagianopoulos, and two really talented upside guys who managed to slip through the cracks in Brascetta and Napoli. I expect all of these guys to be top 20 this year, and I wouldn't be shocked if I managed 2-3 AA's between them.

The one area where I am woefully lacking is in conference champions. Other than Taylor and Wilps I don't have a SINGLE guy who is a lock to win his conference, and the majority of my team isn't even favored to make the finals.

I'm a little concerned about my schedule this year as well. In past years I had the advantage of being a college student with lots of time for research between picks. Because I'm working fulltime now (like many of you) I wasn't able to do much research on matches, potential opponents, or backups that filled holes for my starters. I largely drafted on talent alone. This could be really dangerous if I'm not able to establish a strong points lead during the early season, because as I mentioned before, my conference lineup blows

Anyway enough of me rambling! Post your teams! Brag! Analyze!