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Thread: Your Fantasy Lineup

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    Quote Originally Posted by JensenS View Post
    You're going to trade him to Russ in a couple of weeks anyway, so after that it'll be his possible problem not yours.
    Ha ha...anything is possible. Let's make a deal?
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    125-Triggas #7
    133-Quiroga #8
    141-Hucke #17
    149-Tessari #4
    157-Welch #3
    165-Polz #6
    174-Blanton #2
    184-Ruth #1
    197-Kilgore #1
    HWT-Johnson #8

    125-Rollins UR
    165-Harger UR
    174-Yates #14
    197-Salopek UR
    HWT-Chalfant #16

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    125: #9 Matt Snyder (Virginia), UR Evan Silver (Stanford)

    Was happy to get Snyder in the 6th round. He's been a quality guy over the last two years. He wrestles a lot and he's more or less a sure bet to be at least a finalist at this weight in the ACC. Silver wrestles a lot and is a guy with some upside in my opinion based on his freestyle results. Well aware that his record last year was not good but I think he manages a little better this year. Wasn't big coming out of high school so I wonder if his struggles last year resulted from bigger guys pushing him around a little.

    133: #2 Tony Ramos (Iowa), UR Jesse Thielke (Wisconsin)

    Probably my strongest weight assuming Thielke wrestles this year. Ramos is proven right now that he's the clear #2 in the country. He's a guy who I've always been a fan of despite the fact that he wrestles for Iowa so I'm excited to have him this year. I remember being back and forth on him, Bosak, and Graff for my first three picks. Went a little earlier on Thielke than I would have preferred because I was away from a computer and literally out of guys. Not that I don't think he'll be good I just would have liked to get him a little later.

    141: #4 Tyler Graff (Wisconsin), #19 Matt Nelson (Virginia)

    Like Ramos, Graff is another guy who I have always wanted to have on my team. No JO at this weight definitely helps the pick. Should be a a fun shootout between him and Hunter Stieber in the Big 10. Both great technicians but I think that Graff is meaner and more physical and that helps him out in a possible match. Nelson matches well with Graff schedule wise, and he's a quality wrestler who could easily be in the conference finals when they come around.

    149: #9 Cole Von Ohlen (Air Force), #19 Kaleb Friedley (Northwestern)

    Some people may think that the third round may have been too early to take Von Ohlen, and if you're arguing from a pure wrestling quality stand point I'd agree with you. That being said though sometimes the best guys for this league aren't the best overall wrestlers. Von Ohlen wrestles a lot, a lot of those guys that he wrestles are not good, and he tech falls or pins most of those guys that he wrestled. Over the last couple of years he either is or is close to being the guy who has been the weekly high scorer the most often. Friedley fills in a lot of his holes and he pins people.

    157: #8 Frank Hickman (Bloomsburg)

    Value pick in Round 8. Wrestles a lot and wins a lot given that he doesn't wrestle the toughest schedule. Was on the verge last year as a possible AA guy but didn't quite get it done at NCAA's. Probably not going to beat Fleming in his conference (has before, once) but is still a finalist.

    165: #19 John Greisheimer (Edinboro), UR Eric Hess (Lehigh)

    Greisheimer is probably the single guy on my team that I'm least excited about having even given his R12 finish as a freshman. Pickings at 165 had gotten slim at that point. Hoping he can score some points with his schedule because I really don't think he's an All American caliber guy. Hess is an intriguing sleeper. Had a good redshirt year last year and Lehigh has had some success over the last few years with guys in this weight range.

    174: UR Cody Caldwell (Northern Iowa)

    Lot of Iowa people are big on him, and I suppose I should consider myself lucky that he slipped under the radar to where I could steal him here. Good redshirt year last year. Probably the best keeper candidate for me next year assuming he lives up to how good people from Iowa think he is.

    184: #7 Ryan Loder (Northern Iowa)

    Needed to make sure I got a quality 184. Was down between him and Ihnen and while I think Ihnen is the better wrestler (results between the two have borne this out) Loder is a better fantasy guy.

    197: #9 Christian Boley (Maryland)

    Huge breakout guy last year going into NCAA's with only (I believe) one loss. Had a bad go of things there but comes back this year still in an easy conference with a great schedule.

    285: #5 Mike McMullan (Northwestern)

    Not the sexiest of keepers, but looking at the guys that were going at the end of Round 7 when I got him in my mind he's good value there. Allows me to get a quality heavyweight without having to go in on one in the early rounds.
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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    Gofer or anyone else: Is there any indication that Dake might not be staying at 65 all season?

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    Minnesconny Bophers

    125 I have Trent Sprenkle#10 from NDSU. He was my backup to Sanders last year and didn't do to baddly; infact in the NCAAs he lost to Sanders 5-4. Round of 12, I believe with a 33-12 record and WWC Championship. His backup is #9 Sean Boyle of Mich whom I think was a steal in the 13th Round. RS last year and 4th in Big 10 2 years ago; 3-2 in NCAAs.

    133 is #11 Zehner from nearby Lake Tomahawk, Wisconsin. Same school as Alyssa Lampe. WWC runnerup last year as Frosh. 1-2 at NCAAs

    141 I have 2 studs: #5 Futrell from U of I and #8 Dardanes from Minny. BJ is up a weight from where he was a 2x AA and 3x B10 placewinner. Dardanes was round of 12 last year. Lost to both Marion and Russell in OT.

    149 I have National Runner up and #1 rated Ness. I think he will get me a lot of extra points with his funk. Backup is Cole Schmitt whom hopefully will reach his potential, stay healthy and get his grades. He was ranked in top 8 2 years ago before appendicitis, so he may be a steal at #14, as well.

    157 Freshman Alex Dieringer from Sconny is #23 and underated I think. With Smith helping him, he will be ok. 3 time State Champ losing as I recall to a guy named Thielke.

    165 My old standby #10 Yohn; eventually, he's gonna get his stuff together.......or he won't. t least, if history is a good predictor, I'll get a good first half season from him. I think that I've had him as long as JRob has had him.

    174 is #3 Heflin. B10 runnerup 2 years ago and 5th in NCAAs last year.

    184 I am sucking big time. Recruited #12 Mangrum here only to find that he grew to 197 where he has to beat Camp. took Rutt with my last pick just in case Smith calls himto duty. Maybe I can get some open wins from him. I may be looking to trade here, boys!

    197 I am wealthy. I have #8 B10 Champ Gonzalez returning to the Bophers. I'm backing him up with x-Badger Borlie who will either knock peoples socks off or make me look like a fool for drafting him. Had a world of potention at Sconny and then left and did not wrestle last year.

    285 I have National Champion tony Nelson. I do NOT think Z is going to beat him up this year. Nelson is a full sized Hwt with a ton of confidence. Z has ripped both pecs endign his season. I'm sure he'll find something else to rip this year.

    As in past years, I won't do very well, because I am clueless about my guys schedules.......simply don't have the time to devote to that kind of due dilligence, but I do have a bunch of studs.
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    I have 2 really good 184's , Bosak and Thoms , yet you said you'd never trade again . Let me know if you change your mind.
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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    If courts pans out like I'm hoping he will I'll probably have ihnen on the trading block at some point
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gold View Post
    Gofer or anyone else: Is there any indication that Dake might not be staying at 65 all season?
    I have no idea. I have a theory though. I think Dake really wants to pull of the 141, 149, 157, 165 National Champion resume. I think the All-Star match will be his litmus test. I think if he goes out in the All-Star match and is able to hang with Taylor, then he stays up for the season and makes a run at it. He would clearly have an easier time at 157 but Dake rarely chooses the easy route.

    If Taylor is just too fast and is able to get to his offense against Dake, get out from underneath and generally have his way with Dake, then I think Dake makes the pull and goes down after Christmas.
    "Light travels faster than sound. This is why some people appear bright until they speak."

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    Default Re: Your Fantasy Lineup

    We need to talk about your 133 situation .and your 125 situation.
    You know, I think I would rather be a man than a god . We don't need anyone to believe in us. We just keep going anyhow. It's what we do.

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