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Thread: 07/08 Fantasy League Draft Thread

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    Default 07/08 Fantasy League Draft Thread

    Draft Order
    1. Wiltz
    2. Wrastler
    3. Grips
    4. Trusty
    5. TLV
    6. Stiffy
    7. ISU
    8. Gofer
    9. Eazee
    10. Schlottke
    11. Jensen
    12. Avallone
    13. Lost
    14. Mojo

    As mentioned in multiple threads, we're going to do this for fifteen rounds. Due to the fact that we're having trouble getting a time where everyone will be around for one straight run through I'm going to go ahead and start this thread off now.

    I'm going to put this thread up, and pm everyone so hopefully they get the heads up. Wiltz, I'd prefer you wait until tomorrow before you make your first pick to get us going. I don't really have a specific time, just whenever tomorrow.

    Everyone, do try and be around as often as you can in the next couple days, so that we can keep this thing rolling along.
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