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Thread: 2012/2013 Fantasy League Sign Up/Keeper Thread

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    Default 2012/2013 Fantasy League Sign Up/Keeper Thread

    Its that time again. I know most people have checked in to say they're back in, but make it official here along with whether or not you're keeping someone.

    1. Jensen (Mike McMullan, Round 7)
    2. Snackem
    3. Dutch (Dustin Kilgore, Round 8)
    4. R.Payton (Nico Megaludis, Round 12)
    5. Zapp (Jesse Delgado, Round 9)
    6. Trusty
    7. Gofer (Logan Storley, Round 6)
    8. Wiltz (Alfonso Hernandez, Round 12)
    9. TLV
    10. Grips
    11. Lost (Hunter Stieber, Round 8)
    12. Falcon (Chris Dardanes, Round 12)
    13. 1stplace
    14. Funk101

    Can't Keep List
    Quentin Wright
    Matt McDonough
    David Taylor
    Tony Ramos
    Robert Hamlin
    Jon Morrison
    Devin Carter
    Jordan Oliver
    Kyle Dake
    Ed Ruth
    Derek St. John
    Grant Gambrall
    Josh Asper
    Andrew Alton
    Logan Stieber
    Jarrod Patterson
    Jason Welch
    Scott Sentes
    Jason Chamberlain
    Steve Bosak
    Tony Nelson
    Mario Mason
    Ryan Mango
    Alan Waters
    Kevin Steinhaus
    Alan Gelogaev
    Jordan Blanton
    Jesse Dong
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