Meant to have these out a while ago, but just getting to it now. Been busy. Did my best to incorporate the feedback I've received into these.

1. 14 teams in the league, 15 wrestlers per team. You'll start 11 wrestlers each week. One at each weight from 125-285 and then a flex guy from any weight that will be eligible to score points at whatever weight he wrestles.

2. Scoring is based on total points. The regular season runs through the week of conference tournaments. Top 5 in the standings and the highest scoring team during conference week that isn't already in the top 5 will advance to NCAA's.

3. 3 points for a decision, 4 for a major, 5 for a tech fall, and 6 for a pin/dual meet forfeit/injury default

4. All dual meets count for points. We'll also count the Las Vegas, Reno, Midlands, Southern Scuffle, Nittany Lion Open, Body Bar, Brockport, Keystone Classic, Binghamton Open, PSACS, and Hokie Open tournaments. (Tournaments can be subject to change, I need to see which tournaments wound up counting under the 15 ranked guys rule)

5. Scoring for the All Star match will function the same way that it did last year 9/10/11/12

6. Wrestlers who win the Las Vegas, Midlands, and Southern Scuffle tournaments will receive ten bonus points. Wrestlers who finish as runners up at those tournaments will receive five bonus points.

7. Wrestlers who win the Big 10 tournament will get 20 bonus points, runners up at those tournaments will get 15 points. Wrestlers who win OW at those tournaments will get 5 points. All other conference tournaments will award 12 bonus points for a champion and 8 for a runner up.

8. The Hodge Trophy winner, NCAA OW, and the Gorrarian Award will also award 5 bonus points.

9. Both supplemental drafts will be back in their same format. The three round supplemental during the week before the Midlands and the Southern Scuffle, and the one round second supplemental during the final week of the regular season.

10. You'll still have the standard keeper option or prospect keeper option available to you if you're returning to the league. I'm going to modify the rule of how they effect the draft order though SEE BELOW

11. The back up rule/weight bump rule will be the same as it was last year. If your wrestler bumps up a weight class in a dual meet and wins you get his points. If your wrestler sits out a dual and his back up wins and no one has his back up you'll get points there so long as no one else has the back up on their team. If your wrestler bumps up and loses but his back up wins you don't get the back up's points no matter who has the back up.

12. Back ups will still be eligible for tournaments. Like last year though you'll have to specifically declare the back up as your guy the points won't be automatic. The one exception for this will be conference week where you'll automatically get back up points if your guy sits out and his back up isn't on anyone else's team.

13. If your wrestler beats a guy in the Intermat Top 20 at a tournament that we don't score you'll get points for that. I'll do my best to track those results down but its in your own best interest to bring those results up to me if they happen

14. If you trade a guy away and for some reason experience buyers remorse you'll have to wait three weeks to get him back. There will be a trade deadline again this year, all trades will end before the second supplemental.

15. We'll use official tournament scoring for NCAA's again. This is the only tournament where we'll use this system.

16. Playoffs will be Top 5 in the standings and 1 Wild Card

17. If at least 15 guys ranked in the top 20 show up to a tournament that we don't score that tournament will count as a scored event for all wrestlers. Meaning you'll get points for all wins, not just wins over top 20 guys there.

New Stuff
1. We're going to simplify the process for the keeper rule this year. Starting this year all keepers will cost you a three round penalty from where you drafted them last year. Meaning a guy picked in Rounds 1-3 can't be kept the following year. Round 4 will cost you your 1st rounder the following year, Round 5 your second, so on and so forth.

2. I'm not going to make this extend back to last year (unless people want to) but starting this year and carrying on to next year anyone picked in the supplemental draft will not be eligible to be kept the following year. Meaning if you pick someone in this year's supplemental draft you won't be able to keep them NEXT year. If you got a guy in the supplemental last year you'll be able to keep him this year though.