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Thread: F my life...

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    yeah bro haha... all of you guys screwed yourself over by not trading me. Especially gofer. He would have traded a 6th place heavy for the 2nd and gotten a 2nd placer at 174 or a 5th placer at 149 to boot.

    I really wanted to shop miller or ptax because I thought they would both AA and one of them was going to have to sit.

    Dudz was just too much of a gamble for me to be comfortable starting, especially with Stardust making it sound like his leg had been chopped off. Obviously in hindsight I should have.
    Gold is an idiot.

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    im addicted to fml, but I came across a site called fwhyme . com and I think it's much better than fml. and also fwhyme is american. I rather support an american site. and they also don't start all their articles with "today" so u can post things that happened yesterday

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